• Yes, on some way.

    What makes the comparison between Hitler and Trump so poignant is not just the rhetorical marginalization of groups, lifestyles or beliefs, but the fact that both men represent their personal character as the antidote to all social and political problems. Both use their personal biographies—or rather, the highly edited accounts of their personal biographies they present to the media—to conjure up a new style of politics, which is based neither on expertise nor on detailed policy proposals. Instead—they suggest—their own personal 'struggle' shaped them into—supposedly—authentic leaders, capable of overcoming adversity through sheer force of character. In this scenario, democracy has less to do with representative institutions than with a leader who is intuitively 'in tune' with the sentiments of the people.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is becoming like Adolf Hitler

    While less charismatic, President Trump is displaying similar characteristics and techniques as Adolf Hitler. He has begun to attack the media and discredit anyone who disagrees with him, which attacks the idea of freedom of speech and is similar to Hitler because he seems to be working towards a nation in which everyone must agree with him. Furthermore, the idea of "alternative facts" and presenting lies as truth are strategies that ask the American people to stop believing things that are seen with their own eyes, and blindly trust the statements from the White House. Trump's anti-Semitic and Islamophobic rhetoric is similar to that of Hitler in that both try to blame the plight of the country on these particular groups to create fear and disdain for them.

  • Playing by the same playbook.

    I doubt that Trump will be a second Hitler because the rest of the government will not be willing to cede enough power (outside of their common causes).

    Trump will be too busy looting, and changing the rules to allow and encourage looting, to take over completely. This might change if we face another 9/11 or series of smaller tragedies that would make seizing absolute power much easier.

    History will be the judge of how Trump's presidency turns out in the end, I just hope that the people would rise up in rebellion if Trump tries to enact a genocide against muslims as Hitler did the jews.

  • Trump is not the Hitler.

    Donald Trump wants to get rid of people who will start trouble, 53% of Islam is radical, or terrorist, it is not a Socialist agenda as Hitler portrayed to do, he will never be like Hitler. Just saying, all of the Leftist media and George Soros want this to because of the companies need for Globalism.

  • Alright Hitler is not dumb nor is he a sellout

    For all the Hitler hating, most people are ignorant, or just too stupid to understand that Hitler actually cared for his country. For all the wrongs he did, he still advanced his society and technology. Literally brought up a dying nation to a global superpower, (only to die and come back again)
    Trumps charisma is not by elevating others, but by leeching and hopping off of others. This kind of person only drags a nation down, strips of all the virtues off, and leaves whatever left to die.

    He is nothing like Hitler, nor will he ever be even if he wanted to.

  • No Trump is not becoming like Hitler.

    Trump is unfairly targeted by the media, especially the left-wing media.He is portrayed as a racist but he clearly is not.Hitler was very aggressive and openly targeting Jews and other minorities. Trump's son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter has converted to Judaism. Trump is not killing minorities.His methods may be controversial but not what Hitler did.

  • He believe in freedom.

    No, Donald Trump is not becoming like Adolf Hitler, because Trump has made it clear that he believes in equality. Trump has made it clear that people have the right to just go about their lives without having to worry about being attacked because of their beliefs. He wants to work on the economy.

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