Is Donald Trump fit to be the President of the FREE world?

Asked by: Alahward
  • Well he was voted in by the majority so...

    His first six months were good. A number of great achievements such as reducing illegal immigration by 73% at one point and creating 1 million jobs. And he didn't shift the blame from the alt-right to the left. He denounced the alt-right and alt-left so stop spreading lies Nd2400. Finally, he is fit to be president because he was voted in.

  • With Regret Yes

    I don't like Trump or what he is trying to achieve but he was elected by the American people. I know the majority didn't support him but you cant change the rules of the game after the game has been played. Trump won and although I and many other people might not like it he was elected and that's that.

  • No i dont think he is fit for being the President of the US.

    Mostly my concern is his foreign affair policy, he want to go ahead with a trade war with china, he just might be dumb enough to strike first with North Korea. Which would be very bad for America. He also not unity this country, such his handling over this weekend shows. Trump you got have it both way being against the kkk and the neo nazis and then say it was the lefty fault. It's only been 7 mouths and he is showing us he is the wrong kind of leader, he cant even take blame for his own mistake.

  • You're kidding, right?

    He actually WASN'T voted by majority. It's sad that people don't realize the lunatic things he does. He hasn't done anything for anyone. If so it was for white christian men. I can't believe all the things he's done and I shouldn't even have to name them. He just doesn't care. If you want to know about the horrible things he's done, listen to the news, will you? Plus, he acts like a five year old and doesn't have a very presidential image. He's the shade of a carrot don't deny it. I just don't see why anyone likes him. It's sad. Damn right this is from a 13 year old.

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