• Does all he can before he steps down

    He is doing as much as he can to benefit himself and only himself. He spreads lies and fake pledges and in reality, only ends up either giving him what he wants, or repealing everything Obama’s did. He wears president like a title for his reputation. He’s good at lying and not getting impeached. He’s a bad president.

  • Yes, but it isn't a bad thing

    Donald Trump published a book and has talked numerous times about greed. He himself admits he is greedy, but that it isn't a negative thing. He views greed and ambition as virtues, as these traits will lead you to become more wealthy and successful, as opposed to a selfless person. The ultimate meaning behind this is that Trump is one of the many people that believe that "nice guys" finish last.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Trump is making this appeal to voters: I’m rich and successful and if you vote for me you’ll be rich and successful, too. Come with me, friends, and grab and grab and grab as much as you can. For America – to make America great again. And, if greatness was found in money or pleasure then perhaps Mr. Trump would be right. But it is not, and he is wrong.

  • Donald Trump is as greedy as they come

    Donald Trump's background is in reality television, so he's used to attention. However, it seems that he's greedy for more, if his presidential campaign is anything to go by. Not only that, Trump's greed extends to the business world. He has shown that he's only in it for "the art of the deal," and the bigger the deal, the better Trump feels.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is greedy.

    Yes, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a greedy man. While Trump brags about his wealth and the hard work he has put in to get to where he is, there are plenty of people who have suffered to make him wealthy. Some lost money attending Trump University, while others performed work for his businesses and weren't paid. His shady bankruptcy practices show how far he is willing to go to work the system in his favor. He calls it smart business, but it's pure greed.

  • Yes, if it is really true that he doesn't pay tax

    Yes, I think that Trump is very rich and that he keeps all of his money for himself. If accusations that he doesn't pay tax are true, he is as greedy as a pig. Every common person pays tax, so why shouldn't he? Is he any better than all of us with average income? I think not.

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