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  • Religious Freedom and Common Sense

    No, Donald Trump is not justified in his stance on Muslims. He chooses to categorize all Muslims as threats to the United States. It is a cheap and easy way out of a serious problem and it only serves to make the problem worse. Hatred and bigotry will only fuel more terrorism.

  • Donald Trump's stance on immigrants is racist

    Despite any angry or fearful feelings, this country was founded on accepting immigrants. America had fallen short many times in their respect to people with different looks and ideologies but that does not excuse treating any people by racist or prejudice means in the contemporary world. The founding fathers were not perfect and neither were the people in the twenties. We have a moral responsibility to look beyond our anger and justified to lend a helping hand to those in need, no matter creed, color or religion.

  • Donald Trump should have several seats

    I honestly do not believe that Donald Trump has as rigid a stance on Muslims as he professes. He is a ratings hog who craves fame at all costs and accidentally stumbled on this little gem that has brought him so much press. He has dominated the news cycle for months now due to these outrageous diatribes. It gets him noticed because it gets the world, not just the United States, talking about him. He is probably one of the most famous people in the world right now due to the presidential elections and that's the way he likes it. If somehow I am off base here and he really believes this, then he is completely unjustified, as no one group of people should be singled out due to their religious beliefs, color, sexuality or anything else. There are Muslim Americans that are in the armed services fighting and losing their lives for this country. They have worked alongside us and contributed to the successes of our country and should be respected like everyone else. His words are divisive and can trigger those bigots who just need a small spark to set someone's life ablaze through vandalism, physical attacks and even worse things. We are one country and we have to respect and protect each other.

  • Donald Trump is playing on our American fears.

    Yes, there has been a lot of pain caused by so-called Muslims for America. However, by claiming that all Muslims are evil and out to do us harm is such a preposterous and unfathomable notion that tears at our very being as American civilians. How wrong were we when we tried to lay claim on all those of darker skin as our property? Was it right for Hitler to claim that he was cleansing our world by ridding us of Jews? How is this any different that those vastly wrong over generalizations that have been made in the past? Isn't it time we learned to accept that those that take a name in vain should not be the ones that define it?

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