• I hope so

    Well, in any case, he's certainly playing the voters for fools. He's got no sold plans other than "my plan will be so amazing". There are even rumors he's not paying his pollsters, and that's not a good way to manage a campaign. I am in no way convinced he's running to "make American great again". Not sure of his motives. All his other issues aside, he's good at marketing, so he'll wind up fine no matter what.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is playing us all for fools.

    Yes, Donald Trump is playing us all for fools. The only way he will get elected is if people are tricked into thinking he is someone he's not. He is not a great businessman, but his supporters believe that he created his empire from nothing. He knows the voters are not always highly intelligent.

  • No, Trump is not playing us all for fools.

    No, I do not believe that Donald Trump is playing us all for fools. Donald Trump is not a career politician who is running for office just to line his own pockets. He is one of the few candidates that actually has a vision and wants to make a change in America for the better.

  • No, Donald Trump is not playing us for fools.

    While I'm sure there will be many who disagree with me, I do not feel Donald Trump thinks we are fools. That would mean the positions he is taking and the policies he is proposing are foolish. I feel that a man who has been as successful as Trump has running businesses is wise enough to run our country.

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