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  • Donald Trump is not a tragic figure.

    Donald Trump is widely reported in the press as a disaster waiting to happen.Many celebrities have shunned him and called him out for his "racism".However, this is mainly coming from the left.Many republicans see Trump as a figure of hope.They believe he will sort out America's problems and not be scared by accusations of being racist.

  • Trump is no more tragic than many other public figures.

    I think the main reason so much attention is focused on Donald Trump is because he speaks his mind honestly and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. While we may not always agree with what he says, at least we know he is not lying or saying what people want to hear.

  • He is funny.

    It's a good thing that Americans can see the humor in politics. Over time, we've had good politicians and we've had bad politicians in the oval office. Ultimately at the end of the day, the world is going to keep turning no matter what Donald Trump does. He is just one person among many.

  • Donald Trump is not a tragic figure

    Donald Trump is anything but a tragic figure. In spite of the media's attempt to portray him as such, he is the complete and polar opposite of a tragic figure. In fact, he represents everything that was every American worker should strive for - success, money, accountability and a good example for all of us.

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