• It's a campaign strategy.

    Yes, Trump is still trying to discredit Obama's presidency, because he thinks that is an effective campaign strategy. People want to vote for someone who says the things they want to hear; Trump is trying to appeal to the people who don't like Obama. He thinks people will vote for him if he blames Obama.

  • Tump is still trying to discredit Obama's presidency

    Yes, it seems that Donald Trump is still trying to discredit Obama's presidency. His daily rhetoric and refusal to apologize for previous comments seems to indicate this. However, this is no different than this standard M.O. Trump consistently works to discredit anyone or anything that does not benefit himself at the moment.

  • Yes, of course.

    Donald Trump, although he did a 360-degree turnabout on the "birther" issue, sees discrediting Obama as par for the course for his campaign, since he is a Republican. It's a tooth-and-nail fight for the presidency, so anything he can do to discredit democrats in general, he's going to do it.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is still trying to discredit Obama's presidency.

    Yes, Donald Trump is still trying to discredit Obama's presidency because they share none of the same beliefs. Trump has used a very racist idea that Obama was not born in the United States in order to rise up in the political landscape. Too many people have fallen for his lies.

  • He has better things to do.

    Trump is not trying to discredit Obama's Presidency, because, quite frankly, he has done nothing useful ever since coming into office. He has only made America worse, if u look at the numbers. He has decimated the military, apart from the 'gayification' of the military, he has also banned religious pracitices among the soldiers. With his agressive drive of the LGBTQ community, he has destroyed the meaning of the traditional family, and America has always been the more conservative country, He has also violated young boys and girls when he said that when people from opposite genders identify as the opposite gender, and allows them to use the opposite gender's washroom. Obama's treatment of Radicalist Jihad and Islam is reckless at best. Taylor Swift earned 80 million from one concert. She would have to have concert every day for 365 days to pay off that kind of debt. We have seen a spike in America's debt so far. Jobs have decreased, and companies are leaving for Mexico, and China. He is allowing illegal immigration and realising prisoners that ' deserve a second chance' but these people did not go to jail for smoking a casual joint, but for the distribution of hard drugs, being in gangs, and killing people. Overall, these have been some shitty 8 years for America, and I hope it gets better with Trump, not his puppet Hillary, who runs around when Obama tells her to, but I hope a buisnessman wins, who actually knows what the hell he is doing.

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