• Trump is Misogynistic.

    Because he shows racist, Homophobic and sexist attitudes. He doesn't listen to advice from advisors, Is power hungry and arrogant. He is egotistical and narcistic. Only seems to care about the feelings of his base - white men. Dishonest about his religious faith, Destroyed Obamacare. He is very, Very manipulative.

  • Donald trump must go

    Do you say make America great again? Yea right dude. You are trying to make a wall to keep out immigrants. . . Which is not one of Americas biggest issues. YOU ARE OUR PRESIDENT! Help us. . . . Not separate dying families. You shut down a government for unneeded money. YOU SUED A GUY FOR CALLING YOU FAKE. Maybe Trump really isn't all that!

  • Everyone should know that by now

    It’s no secret Trump is a nincompoop. There is no man on the planet who is more detached from reality than Trump, Which makes him dangerous. He attacks and belittles his own handpicked team, Last week he labeled his own intelligence chiefs “uneducated” because they disagree with his judgments: Trump claims North Korea will be denuclearized and Iran is not abiding by the nuclear deal that he himself renounced, Despite his intelligence chiefs saying North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons and Iran is abiding by the deal.

  • He's so ridiculously stupid

    He made no money and he has no respect whatsoever for anyone but himself. He didn't even win the majority so nobody freaking likes him and he's made all the wrong decisions in office. How can you say someone is smart when they think "covfefe" is a word and tweets things that could start wars from the toilet? He's an idiot

  • Trump is a danger to the USA

    In Bob Woodward's book Fear, It detailed an event that happened in Trump's white house. Trump wanted to withdraw all military aid from South Korea. Little did he know(because he doesn't listen to intelligence briefings), Military aid was there to prevent a North Korean attack. If the North Koreans ever launched a nuclear missile towards America, Than our military could detect the weapon and destroy it. Any simpleton would know what the right decision to make. His advisers hid the document that he would sign from him until they could find someone to reason with him. His advisers invited a general whom Trump respected, And talked him out of it. He made the obvious case that the South Korean military aid benefited us more than it hurt us. Trump finally yielded.

  • Syria, And Twitter

    First off, Donald John Trump is removing US troops from our bases in Syria, Allowing terrorists and Russia take over. Some believe he may be planning a nuclear strike. He is also severely outspoken on social media, And nearly got us into a war with North Korea. We would easily win against North Korea though, So I guess that isn't that bad. In the process of building the Wall, The government has shut down, And a major shutdown could potentially weaken our entire country.

  • Danger to the United States

    He's misogynistic. He's racist. He wants to waste money on a wall that will destroy the ecosystem and NOT deter illegals, Instead of using it to help actual American people. He tried to ban entire countries of people from entering due to their majority religion. He kicked people out of our military who are strong and willing to fight for the American people. He mocked a disabled man. He mocked traumatized veterans. He had children separated from their parents who will likely never see them again, Because they weren't even tracked. He treats the country like a business, As if we are assets and not people. He Tweets inflammatory nonsense and perpetuates anti-intellectualism by denying solid science. He bands his supporters together by hatred and fear. He has not helped the working class as he deceived them that he would. He has cut taxes for the rich who are the last people to need tax cuts. He has gutted environmental regulations that will only exacerbate the poisoning of our planet for our children so he can line his pockets. He wastes OUR money to go on endless golf trips and vacations. He walks out of talks like a literal pouting infant. He deliberately promotes violence against his protesters. He baited Kim Jong Un into what could have been another Cold War. He criminalizes children and infants. He guts protections for women against violence. He thinks he can make whatever executive order he wants, As if he was a dictator, And calls the system of checks and balances "unfair" when it stops him. His base will believe every despicable word out of his mouth because they are utterly brainwashed, Operating on a tribe mentality that worships him like an idol with no human flaws. They don't think for themselves, They think according to The Word Of Lord Trump. He is wicked. He is selfish. He is greedy. He is rash. He is childish. He is ignorant. He has NO morals. He is manipulative. He is a liar. He just might plunge the United States into the world of Orwell's 1984 with his blatant disregard for reality. He does not "tell it like it is", He tells it his way, The way he wants it to be, That harms and disrespects countless Americans. He does not conduct himself like a respectable president. He is dangerous. He needs to go.

  • Are you kidding?

    Yes, Duh he is stupid! Who shut down the government for 3 weeks? AKA the longest government shutdown in history! Who wants to build a wall between the Mexican border and the US? And who does he want to pay for it? The Mexicans! Don't you have any Mexican friends? Do you want to see them still? And he is taking children away from their parents and holding them captive! What are you gonna do with them? ! Kill them? ! If so Donald Trump isn't just stupid he is a maniac that shouldn't be our president!

  • A matter of perspective

    According to his followers he is a genuine intellectual playing 4th dimensional chess. His mistakes and errors are just a plan to win. To well educated people with common sense and reasoning NO! .
    This man made his living swindling other people and using the law on his side. Does that make him smart? NO. He just finds people who are dumber than him to lie to. Sadly there are so many. With his ill gotten gains he can afford lawyers and people who are smarter than him to protect him and his money. Just hire the best to think for you.
    He could have been more richer if he knew what he doing.
    A person did the math and found out that if he invested his money the normal way he would be worth more than he is right now.
    It is like a man who only knows how to drive a sports car in first gear. Had he switched gears he would have gone further.

    He pulled one of the greatest swindles of the century but he had help. He was backed by very intelligent people. I do not fear him I fear the people behind him.

  • Absolutely and a Delta Female personality type.

    He is absolutely deranged and has no right to lead a nation. Trust me I have met extraterrestrial lifeforms and they even find him as dumbest person of Earth and think only dumb and guilty people follow him. Anyhow I would love to not have to write a paragraph here to state my opinion but apparently short and to the point is not allowed here. 🤔

  • He is not stupid because he worked and earned his money

    He is a businessman worth 4Billion$, Has become our president, Runs many businesses and turned a "1million$" loan into billions. Not many people can do that. That takes brains and not many people can do that. Only time will determine if he becomes the president for a 2nd term. O

  • Hey the people

    Of the U. S. A. Voted him in to power. So who are the stupid ones?
    He may possess a raft of characteristics and personality traits that offend a lot of people but he is nonetheless successful. Successful in respect of the usual measures of successfulness, Wealth and social status etc. I think it's fair to say that stupid people tend not to achieve that sort success.

  • Trump is not Stupid, Maybe the smartest man in politics.

    He is not a career politician. That is why he got votes to become president. The people wanted someone who will stand up for what is right, Who is against the establishment. Politics is a game. If you think Killary or Obummer was "For the People". You are blind sheep.

  • This man made a good success, His money is a confirmation.

    You may don't like him, But he is not stupid. He may do stupid things, That may be true. However, Persons stupid things doesn't make a person stippled. Regarding trump, I have seen a couple of videos with yang Trump, He told very good & clever things, It was interesting to listen to him. .

  • He made fools out of you all.

    Is the man who has made the mass media of today go absolutely apeshit and used the media's salt to launch himself straight to the white house, And uses the media to make itself look petty (which it is) really all that stupid? The way I see it, The world just got trolled big league and everyone's mad about it!

  • Just Because He's Controversial Doesn't Mean He's Stupid.

    Donald Trump is a professional businessman. He has countless successful hotels and businesses, And he also knows how to manage his money well. Not only is business-savvy, But he also a degree in economics (specializing in finance) from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Yes, He has some controversial views and he's not the most graceful president, But that does not refute the fact that he is indeed a very smart man.

  • The People Voted

    If Trump were stupid, Then the people of the USA would not have voted for him. How likely is it that a large amount, Almost half, Of the USA population would vote for a man who is considered stupid? Would that not make half a country stupid? It seems unlikely.

  • Ignoring any politics

    Being racist, Homophobic, Or a mass murderer doesn't make you stupid. Hitler made bad some bad decisions but he wouldn't be a dictator if he was stupid. Donald Trump's couldn't be a billionaire if he was stupid. Literally, Some people's arguments we're about bias/prejudices. IQ/Stupidity and bias/prejudice are two very different things.

  • Trump has helped us more than our past president

    President Trump didn't mean for the shutdown to last so long. It mainly lasted so long because of Democrats just not wanting to make a middle ground and just kept saying no. Now Democrats excuse for this was because the wall is immoral, It wouldn't stop immigration, And it costed way to much. First off, How is keeping illegal aliens out of your country immoral. Not only does it slow it down for people who are trying to get here illegally and when illegal aliens come here it costs more of our taxpayers money that could surprisingly pay for the wall after a so many years. And how would a wall not slow down immigration. If aliens come across a 20 ft wall, Do you think there going to be able to drive through that like a fence, NO! Finally, 5. 7 billion dollars out of the government budget isn't that much. NASA proposed 2018 budget is around 20 billion dollars so why is a wall apparently super expensive. And after the Democrats do complain about how it cost too much, They push out a Green Deal that would cost around 46 trillion dollars. I will say that I don't agree with everything Trump does but for the most part I do and for people to call him stupid and then say Obama was an amazing president, They are just idiots themselves.

  • It's really strange. . .

    That, And how many of you can work with a team and figure out how to deal with several countries at once? If you were in charge of the COVID-19 response, Do you really think you could do any better? And if you think you could, Do you think you would be well liked?

    I feel like a lot of these questions are generally unnecessary because despite this site leaning one way, He still got voted in. And now, Due to Bernie getting screwed once again by the "D" party, Trump is against a Biden. Biden doesn't stand a chance, Nor will most people actually vote for a somewhat mentally unstable (not trying to offend. There's really no other way to describe it) electoral candidate in a time of near war. We need someone with a sounder mind than Biden. And if the only person we have is Trump, Well. . . Guess we gotta vote Trump.

    That said I didn't vote for him last time round. I didn't vote for anyone because Hillary is evil and Trump's unpredictable for good or worse. This time the Left elected someone that's by all means losing it and put it against unpredictable Trump. I'm still not gonna vote, But that doesn't mean he won't lose.

    Since I sort of have a somewhat outside perspective of this thing, I say that you should really be paying attention to a different question. Why is the left selecting candidates that stand no chance against Trump? Isn't that strange? It is to me. There might be more problems with your party than you realize. . .

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ladiesman says2019-02-16T22:12:32.500
Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post Writer’s Group has come out with an article titled, “Our national emergency is Trump himself”. In it, He says Trump is violating his oath to “preserve, Protect and defend the Constitution”. It should be obvious to everybody that he’s been violating that oath since day one. The President does not have the right to fund projects that Congress will not approve. During the shutdown, Pelosi stated clearly she will not fund Trump’s wall. And after Mr. Crackpot declared a national emergency, The Democrats vowed to legally challenge it. A national emergency can only be declared in cases such as an armed rebellion or invasion, And we are not in any situation that necessitates what he is doing. He is invoking emergency powers just to circumvent Congress because they do not want to fund his stupid wall. That’s what authoritarians do.
ladiesman says2019-02-17T19:39:12.917
He is wielding the presidential power like a baboon brandishing a stick.

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