• He doesn't worry about the consequences

    Trump is soon going to be in one of the most powerful positions in all the world. The way that he takes to Twitter and throws hissy fits and tantrums, without regard to anyone else, shows that he is dangerous. He has the ability to bring this entire country to its knees if he says the wrong thing about the wrong person or group in a public place such as Twitter. Someone really needs to shut down his account.

  • He should be a leader.

    Trump uses his Twitter account to make it clear to Americans that he has no impulse control. It is fascist for a President to be calling out specific businesses on Twitter. These business live in fear that Trump will decide to say something that will immediately make their stock take a tumble.

  • No; Trump is merely the most talked about man in America at the moment and other celebrity figures have made significantly worse posts

    While some may take offense at Donald Trump's posts, let's not ignore the ridiculous Tweets commonly made by Kanye West, Chris Brown and numerous professional athletes. Trump speaks from the heart and is only trying to restore American values and make the country stronger by ridding the country of illegal immigrants, defeating ISIS and rewarding anyone in the country willing to work hard.

  • No, Trump is not the most dangerous man on twitter.

    President-elect Donald Trump is not the most dangerous man on twitter. Yes, Trump's tweets can move financial markets and make headline news; however, his tweets are not actually that dangerous. What might be more dangerous would be his proposed policies. In short, social media is not really that dangerous--real life is more dangerous.

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