• Of course the wall is a racist monument

    Donald Trump only talks about the danger posed by Mexican immigrants, and never about the positive things they contribute to the United States. He also never mentions that US money and weapons contribute to the drug wars in Mexico, and they would be well served by keeping those out themselves. His wall is racist.

  • That's a great name for it!

    I think calling it a racist monument is a great way to describe it. It shows the dark racist ideals of Trump and his followers, the way that they believe that any person from Mexico is a bad person. It shows that Trump believes in the words he has used to describe Mexican immigrants. It shows the truth about Donald Trump.

  • Donold trump was sent bye the illuminati to get us:ron da don

    Rasist why you need a wall thier there is a wall at every border enyways you dont need to make the wall bigger no mattar what someone can dig under it to git to mexico it makes no sence he need some milk and he also wants sex from his daugter so im not suprised what he FUCKING does next

  • Yes it is because he is throwing all the mexacans out

    He wants to have all mexacians out thats pretty messed up so good bye crewl world have a good time dying peace going back to mexico bye everone but donold trump is racist and u guys are going to die here sorry but peace mother fers donlod trump f*** you dude

  • I don't think the wall is a racist monument

    The wall is ridiculous and a complete waste of money but I don't think you can call it a racist monument. Maybe a "monument to an idiot" would be better suited for the fact Trump can't see such a massive wall is impossible to police, the serious criminals will just dig holes straight underneath it.

  • How is a physical barrier racist?

    I have a fence around my yard, there are fences around secure sites, there is a fence around the White House. None of those fences are racist. Why would the border wall be racist.

    We regularly hear about illegal immigrants who reenter the United States and end up killing someone. The government has a duty to protect Americans from that danger.

  • Keeping your country safe isn't racist

    I didn't know keeping ILLEGAL immigrants, people who shouldn't even be in this country in the first place was bad. Border security is a joke and we can't keep letting people walk over our borders. I don't understand how this is racist because Trump doesn't care if your white, mexican, black, or whatever. If your illegal, you don't belong in this country.

  • 'Illegal Immigrant' isn't a race

    Donald Trump just wants to uphold the law and defend our nation from criminals. There's nothing racist about that, Canada has strong border security, so does australia- If I moved to Brittan or France or any other country, illegally, they would deport me, plain and simple. Liberals are just being fed this nonsense propaganda that somehow or another Trump wants to deport latinos.

  • The wall is not "racist" this is simply putting the safety of the nation first.

    I almost laugh at the ignorance of mankind when the SJW's chant "no human is racist" for hours holding up signs and burning american flags. The truth is, Donald Trump is willing to spoon feed safety and security to the country, and yet a large portion of the population call it "bigotry" and deny the truth about how dangerous these ILLEGALS really are! Well here are the facts, if these illegals are as innocent as you say they are, how come only taking up 3.5 percent of the population, they commit 13.5% of all crimes in the US? And Trump shows us a way to defend our country, and you try to bring him down. Wow.

  • Border wall more about fear than racism

    Trump's border wall has very little to do with racist sentiment. I believe that illegal immigrants are an easy scapegoat in a time of economic uncertainty and Americans, especially in the working class, want to feel as if their job and their territory is safe from outside competition. I think most people simply want more fairness in immigration and taxation.

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