Is Donald Trump's rhetoric similar to Hitler's and the rise of Nazi Germany?

  • Calculated appeals to racism and violence

    Even if Hitler was not a racist (doubtful), he made willful appeals to racism, violence and prejudice in the pursuit of power. He used Jews as a scapegoat for Germany's economic problems, and Trump is using the same strategy: he's saying Mexicans are taking our jobs and are rapists, that all Muslims hate us and he called refugees "snakes"!

  • Yes He they are

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  • History is condemned to repeat itself.

    Hitler did blame the Jews for Germany's problems, made those who were Jewish hold an I.D for their religion, and built a wall across Germany. Donald Trump seems to blame Mexico for America's problems, wants to I.D and ban Muslims from America, and notoriously build a wall. Trump is planning to 'bomb the hell out of' Syria and Iraq, until there isn't an inch of it left. Last time I checked, innocent people and children do live there out of no choice, even under ISIS. Isn't this counted as genocide?

  • Absolute Same Rhetoric

    There is but one difference in the rhetoric between Hitler and Trump, and that is the difference in which minority is targeted by it. Many people voting 'no' are referring to the demeanor of the two politicians in question to justify their answer. The truth is the following, however: Trump is using nationalism as a gateway tool to whip up support. What he does is he uses fear-mongering, hate-mongering and war-mongering to incite fear, confusion, patriotism and a sense of bloodlust into the American people to rally himself a crowd. As the disease of his supporters continues to expand, he becomes more populist. Is it true that he does not target Jews? Absolutely. But he does target Muslims, who consist of about 1% of the global population [says Wikipedia], and there are 3.3 million. Similarly, the Jewish-German population of bankers and job creators in big pharma that dominated industries and controlled jobs and production in Germany after WWI, also made up roughly 1% of the population. Now, you can also argue that Trump does not want to eradicate people. But, at the same time, he does. Trump's plans are very hateful and very quick to push the nuclear button. On the subject of ISIS, he wants to go ahead and bomb them, as well as potentially start trade wars with China and Mexico. Let's face it, this is not a diplomatic temperament - it's reasons to go to war. And he's fishing for them.

  • Trump rhetoric is similar to Hitler

    Donald Trump's rhetoric is eerily similar to Hitler's during the rise of Nazi Germany. Trump has chosen immigrants, particularly from Mexico, as his scapegoat. He has blamed the group for job losses. Hitler used Jews as a scapegoat for Germany's economic problems following World War II. Both use hate speech against a particular group.

  • Yeah it is

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  • Yes and No

    The ways that Hitler and Trump may be one in the same is Nationalism. They both had large amounts of pride for their country and were willing to do anything for their country. But when people compare trump and the Muslims and Hitler and the Jews, that's absolutely ludicrous. How many Jewish people committed terrorist attacks on the German State...0! Thousands of Americans have died because of these people, and I am not stereotyping all of the Muslim people I am simply saying that we need to get a hold of the situation and put a TEMPORARY ban on Muslims entering the country.

  • No, Donald Trump doesn't promote genocide.

    Donald Trump currently does not support genocide in any of his speeches. Nazi Germany is known for attempting to eradicate the Jews. Comparing these two is offensive to both parties, as it immediately turns readers against Trump for reasons that have nothing to do with his campaign, and belittles the experience had by the Jews by comparing them to Trump.

  • No, Trump is not similar to Hitler

    No, Trump's speeches are not in any way similar to Hitler's famous speeches because Mr. Trump does not advocate the killing of people. Mr. Trump believes that immigration should be checked. Is that the same as hate speech? I do not think so even though some might think so. It is a long way from Mr. Trump's rhetoric to Hitler's and it seems to me that it is an easy out for people who disagree with someone's politics to call them Hitler.

  • Of course not.

    After the San Bernardino massacre it is only reasonable to reduce the number of Muslims coming into the US. There is no safe way of 'vetting' them. It's typical liberal imbecility to place the safety of American citizens at risk in order to avoid the appearance of being racist. How many Muslim immigrants are allowed into Japan? None. How many acts of jihadist attacks have taken place in Japan? None. Amazing, isn't it?

  • Trump is an inverse of Hitler.

    Hitler was for uniting the German people in order to divide and conquer the world. Trump is for divide and conquer his people in order to have peace with the world. At least on average. Obama was more like hitler and so is Hillary Clinton. And anyone who is still in the race only in the hope of subverting democracy is even worse than a hitler.

  • No but a lot of his actions are

    While it seems easy to draw comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hilter, the real truth is in Socialism versus Capitalism. Trump may make some cringeworthy comments regarding minorities but at the end of the day he is an American who believes in our current way of life. A lot of his actions, like the anger shown at his rallies lately, can draw some comparisons though.

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