• Yes I agree

    I do not at all believe that Donald Trump has the "everyday" persons interest at heart when developing any of his plans, including his tax plan. Donald Trump is the 1% and any tax plan he creates is going to impact him as well as his friends. He is not going to give up his money for taxes.

  • Trumps plan for the wealthy

    Donald Trumps tax plan is beneficial only for the wealthy because every thing he does only helps those who he likes. He dislikes anyone different than himself so of course he will not be helping those less fortunate. I feel that he only knows how to act one way and he will not help anyone else.

  • Of course it is.

    That was his entire agenda. He never meant to do anything to help the people who can barely afford to live. If you look at his track record it becomes obvious what his policy will be. He really only wants to increase his own wealth, and by extension, other rich people's wealth.

  • Trump's tax plan benefits most people

    Trump's current tax plan helps the average middle-class person and helps reduce taxes by 4.9%. However for the wealthy, the 1% of the upper-crust of society, there is a significant tax reduction up to 19%. So while I think his tax plan benefits the majority of Americans, it can be seen that in reality he is catering to the wealthy only.

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