• A look at Revelations.

    I am not a religious person, but I have read a lot about Revelations and the end of days. If one looks at the Bible, they will see what it describes as the end of days and when the Antichrist will take over. Now look at the current news. The similarities are scary. Obamacare wants a "medical" chip placed in the two same spots as the Bible describes where the mark of the beast will be placed. This will be linked to all of your financial information.

  • Climate Change, World War III, Civil War, Global Economic Meltdown

    The depletion of water and food globally as a result of climate change along with constant war is causing mass migrations around the world. Political tensions continue to rise more so now than ever. Our cold war may turn into a warm war. One of these will be the final nail in our coffin......RIP

  • So many problems.

    Look at all the problems humanity is facing. Humans aren't doing anything about it. I bet that in 2200 there will be NO humans left, But a predict an apocalyptic disaster to be sooner. Good luck for the children being born. Who knows if they will make it to college.

  • I agree very much with both the second and third comments

    Our Lord Jesus in his revelations to Saint Faustina in the 1930s in Poland said that out of Poland will come the spark to prepare the world for his second coming. That 'spark' was Pope John Paul II , so we are now probably very much on the 'home stretch' of that happening but whether its tomorrow, next week,next year or in 20 or 30 or 50 years that is known only to God alone but we are not far away that is for sure.

  • Yes, the proof is obvious

    Have a look around. Things are getting very dark. The Middle East is spilled with blood, the most prosperous nation is on it's knees clinging for help, Asia is getting more and more overpopulated everyday, we have hordes of illegal immigrants swarming into developed nations every day, the military complex grows bigger every day - bigger bombs, badder guns, more destruction. Scientists are creating more problems than they solve (string theory, chaos theory, quantum theory) police are turning on the citizens, the citizens have turned on their rulers, everybody is greedy for more money, more land, more consumption. Entire species of animals are becoming extinct (we just lost the white rhino in africa), nobody is happy in their jobs, buying land to build a home on costs a lifetime's work, alcohol and drug abuse is at an all-time high, we get pleasure from watching 2 humans fight each other in a cage, the environment is dying, radical religions are growing, diseases are spreading and ignorance is solidifying. If we don't seek find the truth soon it'll be all over. Follow me. Become a Kyten

  • We are at the end of days!

    There is way too much going on in this world and US to sit around in denial. I see things this way... People who deny that something is happening are afraid and I understand and there are those who don't want their sinful world to come to an end. The book of Revelations holds the proof that we are going to meet our maker very soon! If you have Jesus then you have nothing to fear.

  • Ya I don't think so

    Only a anstroed could do it that 100 miles big or a black hole or super nova witch won't happen in 999,999,999 and that has not happened in 40000000 years so I do not think so yah happening not at least wall am a alive
    Sun not explodeing soon. Lol

  • The Apocalypse Will Not Be Here Soon

    Throughout time, there have been thousands of prophecies of Armageddon or the Apocalypse, and they're growing more and more common with each passing day. And although I highly doubt there will be a skeletal horseman coming to rip people's heads off anytime soon, the fact that there will be a human extinction is as inevitable as time itself.

  • No. How many doomsdays have we survived already?

    There are doomsday sayings every year, and every time it passes without anything happening. I think science has done a good job at proving nothing mystical will every happen that will kill off the entire human race. Closest thing that even comes to a doomsday scenario, where everyone dies, is global warming, and that is not going to happen for a while and won't kill us all in a day. Or in millions of years when the sun gives out. And in regards to the person on the left column talking about the book of revelations and Obamacare microchip implants, yeah that's a myth so don't take it too seriously.

  • No, doubt it.

    Maybe in the very far future Doomsday could be a possibility, but I do not see it happening any time soon. Every year people have been coming up with a new day on our calendar to make people afraid that the world will end, but with our advanced technology I believe we would see it coming in advance.

  • No, Doomsday is not coming.

    No, I do not believe that Doomsday is coming, or at least not any time soon. I think that people are creating an epidemic of fear in trying to convince others that Doomsday is near, and that there are even people out there trying to make a money off of the notion of Doomsday.

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