Is double-majoring in philosophy and business a good match? Why or why not?

Asked by: Potatoslice
  • A great combination

    Business students are usually finance monkeys, as shallow as it gets. That's why top universities like Harvard don't offer business majors, because it attracts the dumb kids. They are really good at practical, day-to-day stuff tho. Philosophy majors on the other hand, are more creative and therefore more able to think critically, have a solid argumentation, oversee all aspects of a certain situation and plan innovative strategies because they've been thought how to think beyond the surface of things. Being as good at practical matters as at theoretical dilemmas is a valuable quality for any careers, in my opinion.

  • I think it is.

    You can apply your learned philosophy into the business world. I can't exactly find the information anywhere on the internet. No college websites mention the benefits of double majoring in these two topics. This parts is just a bunch of filler, so ignore this sentences please and thank you bye.

  • Not Exactly Matching

    These two fields are good majors, and I think that you should definitely take philosophy classes, but maybe as electives, rather than core content. Business is a great field for the job market, but philosophy is pretty rough as a career path, and you just wouldn't have too many options to use both at the same time.

    Alternatively, you may want to look into Anthropology or English as possible major/minor options.

    Anthropology plays well into the international business path, with an emphasis on culture. Imagine a combination of history, sociology and philosophy. That gives you a pretty well rounded mentality. Lots of students double major in Anthropology and Political Science these days.

    Meanwhile, English is a good way to incorporate some deep thinking into your business mentality, as well as build yourself up with a strong communications base that shines on your resume. The reading forces you to think critically, and the writing is a necessary skill to succeed in the workplace. Plus, a serious appreciation of literature is always a classy look.

    Hope this helps.

  • It is not a good match:

    It isn't that it's a poor match due to the nature of either alone but rather that the application of both is relatively impossible at the same time. The only people who would want to do this are Business Ethics which is now it's own major and managed as such so it's not required to double-major since the two have been combined into a more comprehensive program.

    In application the two would not intertwine often enough to garner any real benefit from having both even in the field of policy making.

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