• Dove's real beauty campaign is successful.

    They're targeting real women as their consumers. Not perfect models that don't exist without photoshop. Showing real, "perfectly imperfect" women, is more relatable and can be identified with, thus will get the attention of the consumer more effectively. Also, it's a great movement towards using the media to create a more realistic and positive self-image, for once.

  • Deff i think so

    I think that this ad is SO successful, it made me feel better about myself and i wanted to buy more dove products. It was truly inspiring to see an ad that wanted us to buy something for ourselves BECAUSE were beautiful. It wasnt all about buying something because we ARE NOT beautiful. Go Dove!!

  • Yes it is.

    I believe Dove's beauty campaign is successful with a targeted marketing approach that is both original and consistent. Dove and its ingredients have been known for years to beautify skin with their distinctive ingredients. I have been using Dove for years and part of the success they we receive come from the word of mouth remarks that are shared from families about how soft and moistened the soap makes you feel.

  • Dove's Real Beauty campaign has been a success.

    The Dove Real Beauty campaign has featured a number of women who are displaying everyday beauty. This is a departure from the images in beauty magazines that suggests that every woman has to be extremely skinny and have a perfect body. Dove's products are also affordable and accessible to everyone, to indicate that every woman can feel beautiful every single day. The campaign has been well-received with women, which is why it's still popular.

  • The campaign is well-received and popular.

    The Real Beauty campaign by Dove is successful insofar as it seems to be well-received and popular with women. But that doesn't mean the campaign isn't problematic. It still stresses beauty as being paramount in a woman's life, over intellect, strength, independence, and other non-physical factors. But the campaign is ultimately a marketing ploy, and as such, it is very successful.

  • Dove's real beauty campaign is successful.

    I think having women of every size, age and color is a wonderful way to portray the natural woman. I am so tired of companies hiring these thin and beautiful women to sell their products. In my opinion, that is false advertisement. It leads you to believe if you use that product you will look like them. I am glad Dove is using real women.

  • How can u define real beauty?

    Apparently Dove believes real beauty does not include someone who is naturally tall and skinny, and has to put women with different body types against each other. If this campaign had actually included DIFFERENT body types, someone skinny someone large, someone in a wheelchair for example.. Then i would had respected the campaign. Instead they have taken a couple of curvy women and are basically tellin us that skinny is ugly, and curvy is natural and beautiful. Ugh

  • A stupid, contradictory campaign which uses our insecurities for their profit.

    I stopped buying Dove products after seeing this campaign. Ironic that Dove is owned by Unilever and Unilever also owns Lynx/Axe which uses women in its adverts as nothing but sexual objects for men.
    The adverts aren't about promoting positive self-image; it's about using women who are still airbrushed and still gorgeous without the common ailments of patchy skin, acne and fluctuating weight.

  • No its just jibberish

    I think it is another poor attempt to bring Dove to the public eye and nothing more by using a woman's beauty to construct idle conversations about who knows what and it is very uninteresting and annoying to see how low they would go to promote false propaganda and useless information.

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