Is downloading and installing cracked games online safe?

  • Use the right site

    I will admit that lots of the sites are sketchy and filled to the brim with viruses, If you use the right websites its got little to no risk. I don't know if I am allowed to say specific types, But if you go to the r/piracy mega thread on reddit, They have lots of good sites listed there

  • It depends on site.

    There are some pretty shady websites out there for downloading cracked games, But with enough experience browsing the web the dodgy sites should be fairly easy to spot. Also downloading Avast antivirus may help you a bit at avoiding viruses. Just be careful when using the sites. . .

  • With the right sources. . .

    While yes, A lot of sites that you can get cracked games from may be ridden with viruses, If you use the right sites, This isn't an issue. Try igg-games. Com I've never had a problem with that site, Although if you wanna get a multiplayer game, You should just buy it, Way easier.

  • Walking in an alley at night alone is safer

    How are cracked games made?
    A hacker buys the game and rewrites the source code so that they game will not check to see if you bough it. But that is not all that they can do.
    They can add dangerous fake plugins that spy on you and steal everything you type and see your private information. You say big deal I have an antivirus.
    They can even write malicious code inside the very game itself so that anti virus cannot detect it. You have no idea what they did to it. They can do a lot of damage with less than 15mb of hidden code.
    I used to be a boy and I wanted nothing more than to play AAA quality PC games. Do not do your laptop or PC will be infected and you will end up spending a lot of money and time to fix it.

    If you have some money like a 20$ you can go online to https://www. Fanatical. Com and by cheap AAA steam games. Or you can go buy preowned games.

    If you have no money at all then go to Neopets. Com or ask to do jobs for money. Resist temptation to get cracked games.

  • High Risks of Getting Viruses from Websites.

    Download and installing cracked video games online exposes users to dangerous websites that installs other software without the user's knowledge like spyware, Malware, Ransomware, Key logger and so on. This happens when the user clicks on a link to download a file containing the crack version or the modded version of a game online. The user doesn't even have to install or run the file or game for the malware or whatever to start running and doing the job it is programmed to in the user's computer, Especially when the user's computer doesn't have an antivirus installed.

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