• It is harmful.

    Lets say that some popular artist made a peice of music. A lot of people liked that music, and they wanted to download it. The music cost about a dollar or two. But people didn't want to spend their money like that, and there was another way, another way that was free. They downloaded it illegally. The artist eventually made almost no money, and was very depressed. She was shocked that people would act liked this, and she committed suicide. If one of our actions made this much crime, then it is very harmful.

  • Downloading media is not harmful.

    Downloading media is not harmful at all. It may negatively affect the artist or whoever created the media because they are not getting paid, however for the consumer it is very beneficial because you receive the media for free by downloading it. Its very simple and it saves a lot of time and money.

  • Downloading media from protected sites is safe.

    Downloading media legally from protected sites is perfectly safe for your computer. People encounter problems when they attempt to download illegal media from questionable sites. These files have not been properly screened for viruses and protected. Although there may be a nominal fee involved with downloading media from a reputable site, the cost is worth the security it provides.

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