Is downloading music without permission morally equivalent to theft?

  • Bb read it

    If a person works for an year or more to get a movie done and its been leaked out before the movie releases then do you still say that piracy is good and should be practiced and the producer of the movie suffers a loss . You are happy and he is sad .

  • Its not yours

    The media or person idea which is worth millions can be shattered in a single day like expandables 3 where the movie leaked before actually getting released and cost a great amount of loss to the producer. Do you think money is fun. Its not so i tell that piracy is wrong.

  • It hasn't been looked like that

    Downloading music on the Internet by users by most would not consider this a form of theft. It is just the way that it has been looked at. Many people will continue to do it on a daily basis. Because of the availability of the sources people will continue to do it.

  • No it is not.

    The media company tries to say it is theft but it is not. You are not stealing anything physical. You are making a copy of a copy. This is just copyright infringement which is also illegal. I do not agree with this because it makes things too expensive and people can become copyright trolls.

  • No cuz bro

    The youth are now raised on sex—even so-called “family-friendly” singers, created for public consumption by Disney, provide adolescent girls (and boys) with provocatively dressed, sexually-charged performances, sometimes replete with stripper poles. And parents, unquestioningly accepting this new cultural norm, dutifully drive their children to concerts to be mugged of their innocence and escape their reason in the deafening and all-encompassing roar of 15,000 watt speakers. Also, two words: Miley Cyrus.

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