• Dr. Drew incites the crowd

    (1) Dr. Drew incites the crowd against people, then admonishes everyone not to rush to judgement about a person - even though he has lead the way. (2) He tries to entice viewers about topics he will cover "after the break", then doesn't do it. (3) He copies Nancy Grace's show - and for that matter so did Jane Velez Mitchell. Basically, he is just an opportunist and insincere as well.

  • He's a big, phony, talking head, and when I hear his voice in a video, I instantly close it.

    This guy will be off the air within a year. Comes off as extremely fake and contrived. Tries to 'say the right thing' rather than what he really thinks. Used to be on talk radio. Just another John Tesh on a failing TV show. He's going the way of the Behar-o-saur.

  • Dr. Drew Is A Phony.

    FIVE people that he treated committed suicide. Any real therapist would have had his license revoked. Dr. Drew is the therapist on TV's "Celebrity Rehab" where he is the therapist in charge of getting celebrities back on the road to recovery in their lives. Mindy McCready was the latest patient of his that committed suicide. More over, with 5 suicides under his belt, Dr. Drew is coming more into focus as a serial killer than a reputable doctor.

  • No, Dr. Drew isn't a phony, he's just unnecessary.

    I don't think Dr. Drew is a phony, or pretends to be something that he isn't. I believe that he actually does try to help people with their lives, but I also don't think what he does for people is anything they can't do for themselves.
    The real danger of people like Dr. Drew is allowing people to base their lives around what someone else thinks they should be doing. People should be their own person, and fix their own problems.

  • I don't know him to say yes.

    I don't think he a phony, he must have a doctor to do the things he does. Im not sure if he is helping in the right way. I don't think a good Dr. would take his pateints and show their real life issues to the entire orld. I think he was wrong there.

  • Absolutely not. He helps people on a daily basis.

    Dr. Drew helps people deal with a wide range of issues dealing with sexual health mainly, but also with mental health and addictions. His advice is sound, and while he may seem like a repetitious robot sometimes by saying the same things over and over, he genuinely cares about and helps people through rough times with his sound advice.

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