Is Dr. Seuss the greatest American children's author?

  • It's hard to think of anyone else.

    Dr. Seuss is one of the most influential children's authors of all time. It is very hard to think of anyone else who would come close to his level of influence in American literature. He has sparked the imaginations of many children, who have undoubtedly gone on to do great things in their lifetimes.

  • He told a story.

    I think the he was the greatest poet! I do not think it, nay, I know it! He teaches kids to read with flair, he teaches them to read with care. The book can be blue, can be brown, can be gray. They read in the sun in the wind and the rain. He is quite famous, yes I say, he is the greatest author of our day!

  • Yes the greatest recognized

    Dr Suess is the greatest recognized American children's author. This means that he may not necesarrily be the best but he is the best that is well known. There may be better authors who are not as well known but can write children's books well. Dr Suess is a part of almost all children's reading.

  • Many Great Authors

    I do not believe Dr. Seuss is the greatest American children's author. I believe his work speaks to many children and adults alike and there are a few of his books that I really enjoy. However, there are so many authors of children's books and many of them are quite notable.

  • No, Dr. Seuss isn't the best American children's author.

    I do not believe that Dr. Seuss is the greatest American children's author. I think he is one of the best though. Some of his work and books are some of the most influental and iconic in Amercan literary history. But I do believe that there are other American children's authors who have been better.

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