• Dr. Who is by far the best show ever

    Dr. Who is great for many reasons; first and foremost being the history in the series. It combines science fiction with romance and sentiment as well as teaches that problems should be solved without violence and killing. Dr. Who also has become a worldwide icon, not that this should persuade anyone to watch, but as a testament to the amount of fans this series has gained.

  • Gay ass show thats what it is lol

    That shows for idiots and is boring, repetitive, uninteresting, pandering and all round repulsive. The writing requires no creativity or passion. I used to watch it when i was younger, and i cant believe i might have enjoyed something so abysmal. Of course this is only my opinion feel free to disagree. ;)

  • No, the Price is Right is better.

    No, Dr. Who is not the best show ever, because it not widely known. A show cannot have the status of the best show ever if not everyone knows about the show. But everyone knows the Price is Right. That show is the best show ever beacuse it had Plinko. If Dr. Who had Plinko, it would be the best show ever. It should get Plinko.

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