Is Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen one of the best Role-Playing games developed?

Asked by: Cerulean_Prince
  • Maybe. I don't know! I bet it is.

    I love Dragons Dogma: dark arisen! It is so good, even though I couldn't choose my character. My brother chose. I think it is! It's sooooo good! :)
    It's so adventurous! I am so happy we can respawn, so we cann keep playing! I really think it is the best role-playing games developed!

  • The best RPG for the PS3.

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arise is a must play. The character creation element is simply stunning, with literally millions of possible outcomes for the Arisen as well as the Arisen's main pawn.

    The world is massive, with open world playability and you can do what you please outside of the story. If you only follow the story and go where the story leads, then you miss out on the subplots, and items, within the game.

    The weapon variety and class system gives you a range of options and play styles. This makes is great for playing the game multiple times

    The writing, and voiceover, is spectacular! I fell in love with the NPC dialogue and language. This is definitely not a children's game.

    The graphics are out of this world! Crisp, clean graphics. As you are climbing on the enemies, cyclops for example, you can easily see the action and move the camera in order to know what you're doing.

    I give this game a 10 out of 10. I could find no flaws! Sheer perfection!

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