• Drake be doing real stuff

    His Thank Me Later album was a strong debut with great singles and lyricals were great. His second Take Care was a pure classic, never heard any album like it. His next album Nothing Was The Same comes out on Sept 17 2013 and will be the best hip hop album of the year, you'll see. Mark Sept 17 on your calenders be sure to get it on iTunes, Drake - Nothing Was The Same album.

  • It's fact people

    Drake was named best rapper alive by Complex both these last years. Not to mention take care won the 2012 best rap album award. He's sitting on a lot of trophies, and money. Not everyone likes Drake, that's a given. But he's just so talented, and changed the game so much.

  • Yes, Drake is awesome

    Drake has had numerous hits including "Started From the Bottom", "Crew Love", "The Motto", "HYFR", "Take Care", "Forever" and has been featured in many more. He has had more hits and has been featured in more songs than most rappers. In a matter of personal preference, I enjoy listening to Drake more than Eminem, Lil Wayne, G-Eazy, 2 Chainz, etc.

  • 50 better rappers.

    I could name 50 rappers better than Drake. He is mainstream therefore he appeals to the braindead masses. There is, or should be, no argument that Nas is the best rapper alive. His Illmatic is better than any other Hip-Hop album. There are plenty other better than Drake as well. Every member of Wu-Tang. Biggie. DMX. Mobb Deep. Public Enemy. Rakim. Rakim s**ts on Drake all day. Hip-Hop nowadays is trash. And Drake is at the forefront of that.

  • Nope He Sucks

    Jay-Z, Eminem, Talib Kweli, Nas, Snoop Dogg, DMX and plenty more are still alive. Drake is garbage. Drake's rhymes are kinda simple and repetitive. He is just like any other mainstream rapper. He is also a fraud. He acts like he had it rough but really he grew up rich. In every song of his he tells people he is the realest which is a big lie.

  • Close, but no Cigar

    I think Drake is more than capable to claiming that title, but he hasn't put in enough work to be called the best rapper alive. However, I'd give him a spot at the bottom of the top 5. If he keeps going at the same rate for the next 5 or 6 years, he just might be the best rapper alive.

  • Not at all.

    I think that it is quite telling in this question that not a single person has chosen the "yes" answer in this case. While I think that Drake is a skilled rapper who has done very well for himself, I don't think anyone can argue that he is the best rapper alive.

  • Best rapper today JayZ

    Because JayZ, is the best rapper alive today,and like said before i''ll go to my grave believing Tupac was the best and still would be if he was alive.I don't keep up with most rapper, but when one catch my ear I tend to remember him. I also think Eminem is better than Drake.

  • Not at all.

    Calling Drake the best rapper alive, is like saying Bill Gates is best millionaire alive, which we all know isn't true. There are so many rappers these or any other time, making the same claim to fame. Drake's got some great tracks, but best rapper alive, not on your life.

  • Drake is not the best rapper alive

    This is all up for matter of opinion and debate. Calling a single person the best rapper alive would be ludicrous. I believe there are rappers on par, if not better than Drake. While I am not big on the rap scene, I enjoy Eminem as much as Drake. Therefore Drake being "the best rapper alive" is just an opinion.

  • One of best today but not all time.

    He is easily one of the best in the world in the 2010s, maybe even the best, but compared to the all time greats like Jay-Z, Eminem and 2pac, he is nothing. Still, he is only 30, so I would give him more time before jumping to a conclusion on his level.

  • Common friggin' sense.

    It's a shame I need 50 words to describe this, I could do it in far less. Simply put, Cash Money isn't known for signing technical rappers, hence why Drake's on Cash Money/Young Money. He's a rapper who's songs end up more pop than hip-hop.

    If you want rappers who are worthy of a Top 5 spot, look at Eminem, Royce da 5'9", AZ, Tech N9ne, Rakim, etc. If you listen to those artists and can't see why they are all better emcees than Drake, hip-hop really ain't your thing.

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beforeu says2013-03-27T16:10:56.847
I will go to my grave believing that Tupac,was the best rapper ever,and i'm 63 yrs.Old!