• Uhh yeah sure

    I mean, Minecraft is just a game and there ain't any point in cancelling some kid for playing a game. It's not like it's the worst thing going on right now and it's literally just cheating in a video game. A kid cheating in a game is not new or evil. It's just them having fun to be honest

  • No he modded his game

    Ok everybody keeps asking my opinion on the stupid dream speedrun nonsense. He is definitely guilty. The main piece of evidence that indicts him is not the moderator paper, But programming statistics simulations similar to his speedruns. After trillions of simulations they could not find a single case that replicates the luck that Dream got. It is obvious he cheated and if you don't think so after all the evidence then you are stupid 5 year old dream stan and should probably grow up to understand what is actually happening instead of being a re*tard.

  • Of course not.

    First off, The trillions of simulations still did not give the right numbers. Additionally, Even assuming Dream's one in ten million, There is only an 8% change of a single run getting that luck, Assuming one thousand active speedrunners, Five runs per day, For six months. Yay!
    Word word word

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