Is drinking and driving still a problem for teenagers?

  • It is still a problem

    Drinking and driving for teenagers may be a cool thing for most of them. But hey, only idiots think that because no one can be dumb enough to drink and drive. Most of you may think, "Oh, the cool kids are doing it, lets do it too." No DON'T be stupid, follow what you were taught and not what you see......

  • Teens Drinking In General

    I know you teens aren't going to want to hear this but I think teen's shouldn't be drinking period. I mean one its against the law and two its stupid. Why would you want to drink it doesn't make you cool. In my opinion the ones that do drink are uncool! And I'm a teen I have friends that drink but I don't hang out with them outside of school. I had a few friends offer me a drink before when I went to lunch with them and I told them no and never rode with them again. So be smart and don't drink especially drinking and driving. How bad would you feel knowing you killed someone while you were driving knowing that if you had not been drinking you never would have become a murderer! So next time you teen's want to go out and drink then drive home just remember drinking and driving comes with a cost!

  • Yes it is still a problem.

    Yes drunk driving is still a problem for teenagers. Most teenagers still find ways to get a hold of alcohol and still seem to be reckless enough to get in a car and drive. Stores should crack down more on suspicious teens that look like they might have an adult buying them alcohol to help prevent this.

  • For some teenagers, but not all.

    Today when you look into the media sure you will see teens that are dumb, naive get pregnant and binge drink and then we package every teen in one box without first sorting out the responsible and irresponsible ones. Negative publicity is almost the only publicity about teens. How will you know the good things about teens when you never see good publicity about teens? People tend to overestimate how many teens are risk taking. Just ask your child how many students are enrolled in the school. They may under/overestimate the numbers. A November 2008 study by the Minnesota Department of Health shows that he number of high school students that do drugs weekly is much lower than other youth perceive.

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