• Marginally so, yes

    Driving stoned and drunk are both horrendous ideas that are rightly punished when somebody is caught doing them, but marijuana does not have the same effects on somebody as alcohol does. It is possible to still concentrate and accomplish your goal stoned, at a certain point of drunk no amount of trying will overcome the ineptness that comes with it. Again, neither is a smart choice.

  • Stoned drivers are paranoid/cautious, drunk drivers tend to be over-confident/reckless

    I support neither, but as the lesser of two evils, being on the road with a stoned driver is most certainly better than being on the road with a drunk driver.

    Marijuana tends to inhibit the ability to multi-task, causing someone under the influence to focus in on one task. Add to that the mild paranoia of getting caught, and you generally have someone who is 100% focused on the task of driving, afraid of being caught, and 100% focused on the task of driving. Stoned drivers usually drive too slowly, which could be a hazard when trying to merge, into faster traffic, but I witness this behavior from all types of people on a daily basis anyhow.

    By contrast, drunk drivers tend to think they are not impaired at all, have supreme confidence in their driving ability, drastically impaired balance and reaction times.

  • Read the question

    YES driving stoned is safer than driving drunk. If you are a regular user of marijuana, it does not affect you the way it affects an occasional user. People might have no idea or way of telling you are high at all. I understand that everyone wants the roads to be safe, and I understand that it should be illegal, as driving is a privilege not a right. Furthermore, I do not want a 16 year old who just smoked pot for the first time driving on the road either. But driving high is 100% safer than driving drunk.

  • Yes

    The question is not "is stoned driving safe or is drunk driving safe". It is either or, and I believe that driving stoned is safer than driving drunk. How many times have you heard of a drunk driver killing someone? Probably many, many times. But a stoned driver? Think about it.

  • Stoned Driving Is Safer Than Drunk Driving.

    Alcohol inhibits your judgments and skews your thinking. Marijuana actually stimulates both sides of your brain. Furthermore, a study in May 2010 found that "volunteer pot smokers performed virtually the same after smoking marijuana as they did sober and/or after smoking bunk pot." Other studies corroborate this finding, and have even shown "a nearly 9% drop in fatal traffic crashes in 16 states that have legalized marijuana." So those making the baseless assumption that driving stoned is a death sentence have obviously fed mindlessly into the pointless and ineffective Drug War paraphernalia without researching these things on their own.

  • YES, driving stoned is a lot safer

    Of course driving stoned is a lot safer than driving drunk. When's the last time you heard of someone getting into a serious accident because they were stoned? Being stoned makes a person more cautious, more paranoid. Being drunk scrambles the mind and reflexes, which is why so many people get into serious accidents while driving drunk. I'd rather see someone stoned drive then someone who is drunk.

  • No, both make you act and react poorly.

    Getting behind the wheel of car high or drunk effectively turns your car into a killing machine. Do you want that on your conscious? Being stoned is just as bad as being drunk. Your reaction time and ability to judge distances, etc., are affected by both weed and alcohol. I’ve watched many stoned people walk into walls, forget where they are at, see things that aren’t there. Driving under the influence of anything is wrong!

  • Bad and worse

    The question can not be answered in reality as it implies that one is safer than the other which leads to the totally stupid assumption that either could be safe. One is bad (driving drunk) the other one is worse (driving stoned) and any argument in favor of any of the two is unacceptable. We need sober and fully aware drivers on our road to assure their own safety and the safety of all of us.

  • No no way

    I drive on the road. I also have a baby in the car, and when I am on the road I want me and my daughter to be the safest. The only way we could be the most safe is if there are no drunk drivers or stoned drivers on the road. Unless you are fully conscious, then you should not be on the road.

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