• Boby and his drone

    Boby aint like them neighbors so he get them drones and fly over them fence to piss shit out of them neighbor. Now neighbor ain't pissing of Boby. Bob make video to cause bob art man and also now ain't have to go to bombing terrorist area cause drone can.

  • Difficult but overall good

    This is such a difficult issue, as a previous commenter mentioned how can you tell what a drones purpose it, and with them becoming ever more present in our lives it gets even more tricky. Here's another post discussing the pros and cons of drones that you may find interesting;

  • Drones are good.

    If you thing Drones are bad, look at planes. They crash into yards, buildings, and even cities, and you are not complaining about them. I think drones are good for artist, the government, and other people. If you think they are bad well, this might help you change your mind.

  • Drones are good.

    They can protect humans from unnecessarily risky situations and keep terrorist attacks within the U.S. from happening. The main objective of the human race is to keep going and not die out. Anything that protects that should be whole-heartily agreed with. While it is true that they could be used in the wrong way, the good still outweighs the bad.

  • a good thing

    i think that drone technology is a good thing, and that it is a way that we can go over a place and get a real good look at it, with out putting a lot of our men or women in the way of a lot of dangerous different situations

  • There's a lot we can do.

    Drone technology is a good thing, because it allows us to do so many things. The biggest is that attacks on aggressors of war can become much more targeted, and we no longer have to fly a plane into a dangerous space. But drone technology can also deliver a pizza, or make delivery stops.

  • Yes, I think drone technology is a good thing.

    Unmanned drones take the risk out of a dangerous mission that a human pilot would have had to face so I think that is a good advantage of drones, I think drones are flexible and silent and can gather information or strike a target with precision, I think overall drones will become the standard in warfare in the upcoming years.

  • Drones are our saviors

    Without drones many of the things we do today wouldn´t be possible. You know that carton milk you love? Well drones are the ones tightening the cap. You know the deep fried chilly cheese fries at arbys? Many people don´t know this but drones are working behind the scenes in our everyday lives. I know a lot of you don´t know about this, But I fly a drone to schoole everyday and am quite proud of it

  • Drones are the first major technology of the future.

    Denying drones is denying the future. A small machine, less than 5 pounds, can go over 40 mph. Is that insane or what?
    Spying can easily be kept in check by doing one of three things.
    One: Have bright barcodes that are scannable by phone. This would make sure that all drones are identifiable, else they can be destroyed legally.
    Two: Have only very specific people put cameras on their drones. So, no bad people going and peeping.
    Three: Regulate drone spaces. If a drone is flying anywhere but there, it goes down. Anti-drone guns and tech is constantly improving.

  • A a a

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  • Drone Tech used in war allows for mindless killing

    Like the weapons of the past, Machine guns, Bomber aircraft, Drone tech has developed to become a killing machine. However, It can be used remotely, It can kill many people, And often targets vulnerable people like citizens who otherwise would have not been harmed, As the war would've taken place in a zone with two armies, Of people, Fighting each other.

  • Terrible horrible drones

    Drones invade our privacy. They also sometimes invade into prohibited areas. That is why i say we should ban drones. They pose a threat to national security as terrorists may use drones. By peventing the use of drones we might even be able to save millions. Why do you want to have fun just for a short while. When u can play somewhere else and not die.

  • Rip tommy rip tommy rip tommy rip tommy

    I had a submirsail drone named tommy. Tommy went on expiditions in the toilet. He was my best friend untill one day a evil sewer crocadile ate him I was so sad I ate 100 balony sandwhiches. RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY RIP TOMMY

  • Drones are Ai killers

    They can spy and they can kill humans by getting hacked and shoot some random black stuff or some bullets to kill us just because this drone. And the drones are even worse than planes cause they can do some things that the big airplanes can do, it might also cause more damage.

  • No! Endangerment to other people!!!

    Drones are a bad thing, because they end up in other peoples yards. One of them just crashed into a building, just yesterday. They hurt people and invade their space. The people making these drones need to figure out a way to handle it, cause people are getting hurt. Seriously!!!

  • No, drone technology could cross the line of privacy.

    No, drone technology could infringe the very thin line of privacy and personal space not only on homeland, but also in other countries. Drones could be used more for harm than for good. Drones could easily be considered weapons than they could as advanced technology. Such technology in the wrong hands could cause disaster.

  • I Think It's Bad

    I believe drone technology is a bad thing. The drone in warfare have already proved to unreliable and unrealistic in terms of replacing humans. I dread the fact that they may one day be flying around our country delivering packages for Amazon. I don't want to see these things everywhere.

  • Yes they are good and should be supported dont let them be banned i like chesse and it is good my mum

    Should be supported dont let them be banned i like chesse and it is good my mum should be supported dont let them be banned i like chesse and it is good my mum should be supported dont let them be banned i like chesse and it is good my mum should be supported dont let them be banned i like chesse and it is good my mum should be supported dont let them be banned i like chesse and it is good my mum

  • Drones are bad!

    Drones could be used for spying, therefore it invades personal space. What if one dropped and caused damage to a person, house, or animal? Have people really thought about the consequences of using drones? There are many reasons why theyre bad! And if you think they're not, they you should really really think about that


    You guys! You don't understand: Not only do they pose a threat to people but they also could be a whole other way to bully. Drones take videos that can be uploaded to the internet. These videos or pictures could show many embarrassing things that could be hurtful to other children. Another way to bully a child with an drone is by flying a drone into the child's yard and flying it into their hair or through a window therefore injuring the child.

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