• Basic Human Rights

    It is a violation of basic human rights. If only one side has drones, they could become unstoppable. It removes the right for a 'fair fight' and kills innocent people at the same time. The number of innocent people killed far outweighs the success of eliminating a possibly dangerous target

  • Yes drone attacks are bad.

    Many drone operators have emotional and psychological stress. A study from the US Air Force’s School of Aerospace Medicine, Department of Neuropsychiatry, found that drone pilots, in addition to witnessing traumatic combat experiences, face several unique problems: lack of a clear demarcation between combat and personal/family life; extremely long hours with monotonous work and low staffing; "existential conflict" brought on by the guilt and remorse over being an "aerial sniper"; and social isolation during work, which could diminish unit cohesion and increase susceptibility to PTSD. [46] According to a study of 709 drone pilots by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, approximately 8.2% reported at least one adverse mental health outcome, most commonly disorders related to adjusting to re-entry into civilian society, depression, and relationship problems. [86]

  • Drone warfare is bad

    I mean, when you think about drone warfare you think about drones fighting in the air with no one getting hurt. But that is not exactly reality. The drones will be setting bombs and killing innocent civilians. Think of what drones are doing now. They are not as accurate as humans and could cause ALOT of deaths among innocent people.

  • Drone warfare is not bad.

    Drones are a good way for America to kill terrorists without putting soldiers' lives in danger. Drones are being adopted by many other countries, so they are clearly the future of warfare. The United States should develop more and better drone technologies to maintain their supremacy in unmanned airborne combat .

  • Drone Warfare Saves Human Lives

    While drone warfare comes with a unique set of concerns, I don't believe that it shouldn't be utilized as a tool in a country's arsenal. It can save soldiers' lives because an unmanned drone can carry out a mission while the soldiers, that would normally be needed for such a mission, are able to be off-site and much safer.

    Drone warfare is effective and efficient. Information is able to be obtained that can save many more lives and enemies of the state are able to be dispatched quickly and easily, saving lives in the long run.

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