• Regardless of the fact that fish don't have emotions, dropping them from the air should be considered animal abuse.

    Fish have a central nervous system, which means they can feel pain. Unlike non vertebrates, fish can feel pain just as humans can. Because water doesn't compress, being dropped on a lake from hundreds of feet in the air might not just hurt the fish, it might cause it's untimely death.

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  • Flying Fish, Not Abuse

    Unless the fish are being killed or harmed as they are dropped from an airplane into a lake, it's not animal abuse. This is much less harmful and traumatic than hook-and-release practices among fishers. It could even be improving on the quality of life for the fish, if they are being located to a better climate.

  • Dropping fish from an airplane is not animal abuse

    Dropping fish from an airplane into a lake is not animal abuse. The fish will acclimate quickly to their new environment. It is also necessary to create an ecological balance. Otherwise, certain lakes may have too few fish.This is an effective way to repopulate a lake and stimulate fishing as a food source..

  • No it is not

    Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources ensures the state’s lakes are filled with native fish, and sometimes the only way to do so is by plane. In that scenario they use the plane and the fishes flutter their way into the sea. Only a few die. This cannot be termed as animal abuse. If this is animal abuse then fish eating should also be banned.

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