• Drug Addicts are not worthy to be treated as humans. They do not conform to morally upright culture, and henceforth must be exterminated completely.

    The drug addict problem is a social and cultural problem. Society has to exert funding upon these unworthy individuals; individuals that cripple our social identity. Their will is too weak to resist the abuse of drugs, and they embrace criminality hence. In order for us to retain our national and international identity, we must eradicate all undesirable and immoral elements of our society that continue to corrupt the minds of the people. This way, we will be able to save our children from evil and brandish the flag of morality in the face of criminals.

  • Drug addiction is a brain disease

    Drug addiction is a mind altering disease. It disrupts the reward function of the brain. It releases the chemical called dopamine which often gets released when we are happy like having food or sex.
    People get hooked to drugs after some time and they find it hard to leave. Stoppage can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

  • No, I don't think that drug addiction is a criminal issue

    I don't think that drug addiction is a criminal I think that drug addiction is a psychological issue and it will only lead to a path of self destruction. Drug addiction can lead to criminal issues if there is continued abuse of it. I think drug addiction is very destructive to societies.

  • Drug addiction is a health issue

    Drug addiction is treated as a health issue in the Netherlands, Portugal, increasingly Uruguay and even in some US and Canadian cities. The results are undeniable: treating drug addiction as a health issue and not prohibiting drugs has far better results than prohibiting them and waging war against them. It's time we end the War on Drugs.

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