Is drug use an inevitable aspect of adolescence?

Asked by: Fanny
  • It should be.

    If we have adolescents, then we have people who typically feel the desire to experience and develop as a person more intensely than at other ages. I think inevitably this encourages drug use, and furthermore, I think this is a damn good thing. Drugs offer powerful experiences, and powerful experiences are of great importance in the development of an individual's mind.

  • Experience is vital

    Technically no one on this earth, unless they have never smoked a cigarette or a glass of wine, can not call themselves a drug user. Simple.

    Controversial culture

    Alcohol causes serious health problems, it is a depressant that speeds down your body functions. Around 33,000 deaths a year are caused in the UK because of purely alcohol related health issues. One in every 25 adults in the UK are dependent on it and over 17million working hours are lost every year due to people taking the day off from the affects of alcohol. Cannabis is a naturally occurring drug across the globe, a mild sedative/hallucinogenic that although still not well-understood, has scientific evidence to prove it is useful in a wide range of conditions from asthma to chemotherapy treatments. It hasn't been established as to whether someone can become dependent on cannabis; it is more likely they would become dependent on the tobacco used to smoke cannabis. Coincidentally that along with alcohol is legal and the government has the authority to sell these 'drugs'. Society dictates everything we do and because for hundreds of years certain drugs have been an acceptable part of socializing and living, we are not yet advanced enough to move forward, look to the future. I can't see why we can't see the flaws we've created...

  • It is not.

    Drugs are not inevitable in adolescence. Many people go through their adolescence without trying drugs, as did I. There are plenty of kids who are exposed to drugs but never try them. Drugs are most definitely a choice. I wouldn't say drug use is inevitable. I could possibly say that exposure to people who use drugs is inevitable, however.

  • My personal experience

    I personally never used drugs throughout my adolescence. I suppose this could depend slightly upon the definition of 'drug' as I did indeed use aspirin when I had a headache, drank soda with caffeine, and the like, but I don't imagine these are the types of drugs the query is meant to address.
    Through my adolescence I did not smoke, drink or try any drugs, even though all of these were in my environment, available to me had I wanted to use them.

  • Of course not.

    Drugs aren't inevitable, plenty of people go through high school without touching them, including myself. Does that mean I hate drugs or drug users with a passion? No. Its a personal choice I and may others have made. Personally, I have seen the path that drugs can carve out for a person and I've decided that I don't want to take that risk. That doesn't make me weak or uncool, drugs are simply a substance, that, if one chooses to, he/she can use. I don't measure coolness or the bad ass factor with a drug use level.

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Quan says2013-07-30T18:56:20.030
Drug use is an inevitable aspect of adolescence when they are forbidden to use drugs rather than given the education needed to make responsible decisions.
Ragnar says2013-07-30T21:27:46.237
Please define Drug. I mean caffeine is a drug, but there's even caffeine is chocolate.
savvga13 says2013-07-31T04:42:44.350
Nothing can be inevitable if you have the freedom to choose.