Is Dubai growing faster than Japan digitally and Technology wise?

Asked by: Karatepkid
  • Of Freaking Course!

    I myself did many projects, done many trips to Dubai and the whole country of UAE, and also researched ways reasons how it came to be now. So honestly, Japan is also growing with food coming out of dispensers, but I'm pretty sure man-made islands replicating the world, replicas of Disney World, and the World's Largest Soda Can with actual Coke in it. So that's my case.

  • No wasting your money isn't growing.

    Dubai had a lot of money mostly borrowed from abu dabi which was used for projects such as man made islands and super tall buildings. Some of the biggest economies world wide had not spent on projects such as these not because they cant but because its illogical and a big waste of money. Sure it gets tourism but I think the hundreds of factories that could have been built instead of these projects would have given Dubai a much bigger income.

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