• No I also don't think dubstep is dangerous but:

    It is kind of dark and for me like electro house,hardstyle,trance and other I don't like how it brings our inside animal out.So yeah I think it is cool to listen to dubstep but not for me haha but no probs there are lots of dubstep lover and thank you.

  • Uhhhhh why????Bish whehh

    So i look upon this question while listening to pandora so i turn on my dubstep radio and im jamming to the beat so when i see this question im just lookin like wtf how can this be so im just typing my opinion and dubstep is definently not dangeruos like who in the blue hell would think that it is like are u serious???!! DUDE

  • Heck no! Lel

    I love dubstep. I use Spotify to listen to it everyday. I do not get why people think it makes your ears bleed, or it is just noise. I agree with chillstep though. :3 I liek Crave you: remix. Anyway, back to the topic. Basically, it is not dangerous. I am listening to Z by Must Die! Right this second! Am I hurt, NO!

  • What info at all proves this?

    I love dubstep, I listen to it everywhere. It does not affect our moods in a negative way, and it does not hurt or discriminate. Most of the time this genre of music has no words at all. At the moment that I type this the poll states that the poll is doing in my favor at 0% yes 100% no so all signs and evidence say that the genre dubstep is not dangerous and whoever even bothered to put up this poll is ignorant.

  • Of course not

    I listen to it all the time. It's just music. It is only dangerous to your ears if you have it too loud. Dubstep is a just a genre of music. It is not dangerous. How could it be? Anyone who thinks its dangerous is being ridiculous. Besides most people dont even seen to know what it is. Most people dont know about chillstep which is absolutely beautiful and relaxing. I fall asleep to it. And yes it is a kind of dubstep. People dont realize there are different kinds of dubstep not just brostep

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