• Sound In Time

    Music in it's most basic form is defined as sound organized in time. I don't know many people that can sit down and write out a whole piece, nonetheless play a whole piece as complicated as Dub step is. If you really look at what is all happening in a Dub step song you can see very complex musical theory being used as well as some quite amazing rythyms. And somehow it sounds amazing, even if half the time it is mixed in one sitting, on one single track.

  • Dubstep IS real music.

    I believe Dubstep is real music because its much harder than regular singers, like Justin Bieber, except for The Beatles and all those guys. All my friends say its stupid and isn't even music! It's the only kind of music I listen to! All the everyday singers use Voice Over or whatever it's called. Its like they pick people up off the streets, it's just an outrage!

  • Of course it is.

    If you ever have attempted to create dubstep, you would know that it takes a lot of skill and knowledge (musical talent, music theory, creativity, knowledge of dubstep's structure, sound synthesis, mixing and other production techniques). Also having a sense of rhythm is, especially in dubstep, very important, as dubstep is very rhythmic and uses triplets and syncopes. Also there actually are real instruments in most dubstep tracks. But where is the difference between an instrument generating frequencies and a computer doing it? Producers, in most cases, even produce their sounds (real instruments excluded, because it's nearly impossible to synthesize them without exactly knowing the waveform etc.), themselves, which can be really complex. What matters if there are people that like those sounds and that is the case. Also I bet there are enough people which don't like the sound of e.g. trumpets, is music with trumpets no music, just because there are some people, which don't like the sound of trumpets? No, it, indeed, is music. I play two instruments, (electric) guitar and violin, since many years (violin like 5 or 6 years and guitar for like 9 years) and I also have played piano for some years. My family has a big (classical) music background, one of my ancestors was a pupil of one of the Bach sons, so I think I know what I'm talking about. I do like lots of genres (classic music, orchestral music, rock, metal and also dubstep and chiptunes) and I also produce dubstep, but there are dubstep producers which are way better than I am. This is one my latest works:


    Yes, this is dubstep, being more specifically it's chillstep, a subgenre of dubstep, where the bass is a bit more decent, but I also like normal dubstep (Virtual Riot, Au5, Razihel, Krewella to name some). I bet that most of you couldn't even compose the piano intro of my track.

  • It Absolutely is

    Its all about taste. Everyone has their own taste. People really dont seem to know what it is. A lot of people get it confused with House music. A lot of people say its just noise and requires no talent. I happen to have a friend who makes dubstep and it is very complicated. First off like any music you have to have an ear for beats and Melody. People say dubstep is not music. Well this is dubstep:


    thats not usually what people think dubstep to be. But dubstep does sound like this. It's called chillstep and it is absolutely beautiful music.

  • Dubstep is real music

    Sure a lot of people think it is not real music but it is music you can actually dance too instead of playing boring classic music that you don't dance to. Some people think you only need to find beats on the computer but there is more to that. My dad created the company so I guess I know more than you think you do. I know people think you should use "instruments" for this but you are so used to the instruments we have today that you think we shouldn't have new ones. A lot of singers are using dubstep anyways and it's helping them a lot. Dubstep is real music and if you don't think so, you don't have a very good sense of humour

  • Dubstep is real music

    Even though a lot of people think it is not real music it is actually music that you can finally dance for real to instead of just playing fancy classic music, you get so bored you end up chatting with others sometimes leaving and you can't dance to it. A lot of famous singers are using dubstep. I know some people think you only just find beats on a computer and it's done but I know more to it than they do because Dubstep is my dad's company he was the one that created it. There is more than you think you need real talent to be able to do this some people think it is easy but it is not. Maybe some people think you need "instruments" to make real music but it's because you are so used to the instruments we have today that you don't think we should make new instruments. So I say yes dubstep is real music and if you don't think so you just don't have a very good sense of humour

  • Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it doesn't count

    Too many people discount dubstep as an official genre of music simply because of one factor. They don't like how it sounds.
    But music is defined as vocal/instrumental sounds combined in such a way to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Dubstep easily fits this definition because it can convey emotion as well as incorporate a beauty of form.
    Some say dubstep is too easy to create, that it doesn't take real talent, but they are wrong. It is only the good dubstep that comes from well-talented artists. This is the same rule that any other music follows. However, when an untalented non-dubstep artist composes a horrible song, no one complains that it shouldn't be considered music. They just don't listen to it, and maybe make fun of it.
    Additionally, remember that there are so many pop artists now that follow similar patterns. Keeping the focus on dubstep is unfair because so many other artists lack originality and still make it big. (Think Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Britney Spears.) Dubstep introduces something fresh to the music industry, and it makes GREAT party and dance music.

  • Music comes in many shapes and forms.

    Dubstep is real music, rather you like It or not, music comes in many shapes and forms, no matter the sound, its real music, just like classical, hip hop, rap, metal, death metal, and all genres of music are real, so you people need to stop implying that Dubstep is not real music, get with the program.

  • Rhythmic, Planned and mildly mathmatic

    Though I dislike its musical genre I wont deny its musicality. The essentials are present and it can produce the synapse to respond in the correct way. In the shortest possible way and without waffling on: it is music but not to many peoples taste. Accapella is music disliked by many, but I still enjoy it above dub-step. If this question was to ask if we as a debating community enjoy it, I suggest different grammar.

  • Music insists on a Rythem.

    Of course it is, it has a beat and any thing with a beat can be considered music, sure it could sound like crap but it could be considered music like a child with an instument it, or even just someone in general if you can strum a guitar you can make music.

  • How could it be music?

    Music is defined by "the science of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity through the use of either instruments or vocals (or both)" Unless the Dubstep track has vocals or includes at least one instrument it can't be music, imo.

  • Its really not

    Music is made from noises and sounds fitting together. It requires actual effort. Dubstep is computer generated noises. The only thing required there is computer skills. Theres a BIG difference between computer software and music making. Music also requires cordination and a sense of rythem and beat. Using a computer does not.

  • Not Much Creativity

    In my personal opinion, real music is made from the heart and soul; music gives us the power to express our emotions or to tell a story. Real music is played on instruments that don't require electrical wires or strobe lights. It doesn't take much work these days to put together just one song. Computer-generated beats and autotuned voices just don't cut it for me.

    Posted by: S.K
  • If it is music, its crap music

    Ha, the genre doesn't even use real instruments its all technological, Dubstep is for morons who don't know what real music is. Its nothing compared to genres like metal, classical, orchestra, rock, etc. Don't get me wrong I listen to things like techno and trance but atleast those are actually somewhat decent!

  • Hardly a genre as well

    Really, Dubstep is not music and for sure not a genre. It is just computer generated sounds but some person(s) who think they are cool. You never see a live Dubstep concert, that is what makes music, the ability to see them live, I hate to admit it but even Country or Rap is worthy. But this is noise, Metal and rock and anything with melody and harmony is real music.

  • It's a matter of Preference

    I believe that dubstep is real music, but many people aren't ready to admit it. I feel like people try to cling to physical instruments and singing to not let the culture die, which it will not. Dubstep, pop, jazz, whatever- i's all music, and music simply doesn't just "die," because there will always be fans of a certain genre. I was introduced to dubstep almost four years ago, and ever since then I have been in love with it. Honestly, I think some people need to just, give it a try. Like, a real, heartfelt, try. Not an "I'm gonna listen to this so they stop yelling at me to give it a try." I am the only person who likes dubstep in my family, my mom and dad- older rock songs. My brother- pop and rap. Dubstep isn't that far off from those genres, anyways. Dubstep is not only hardcore ear-killer songs, but there are also halfway-upbeat rap kind of songs as a transition into things like "Out of Time" By Excision ft. Dion Timmer & Splitbreed.

    At least, That's how I see it. Thank you for reading.

  • Of course not.

    You can like dubstep and I don't have anything against you. But it's not music, music needs either instruments or singing or both. A computer generating different sounds and frequencies is not a music it's exactly what it is, a computer generating sounds and frequencies. If it doesn't have singing or it doesn't have an instrument it isn't music, plain and simple. There's nothing wrong with it but I'm just saying, it's using a computer not making music.

  • Its no where near music

    Dubsteb isn't music, its just a bunch of angry computer generated sounds all mashed together in one big mash and sounds terrible. There's not even any talent involved in it, anyone can grab an auto tuner and say (not sing) random words to scramble in with the rest of the stupid sounds. And if this stupid Dubsted is the sounds in what people listen to, then the next generation of children will be listening to just static noises or white noise.

  • Dubstep is generated, Music is made

    All that Skrillex does is press some buttons on a computer and puts some random beats into the score, and bam! Dubstep is born. Music is thought out, and contemplated, when you make music you run into mistakes and it takes time, There is so many dubstep songs it is not even taking time to think.

  • Listen to it.

    Dubstep is anything BUT music. It sounds as if techno and a broken factory machine tried to have a baby. Much dubstep consists of overpowered bass, driving and distracting beats, and lacking melodies. While some others may consider this horrible atrocity music, it is poor music to say the least.

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