• Duck Dynasty is part of the downfall of modern television.

    Like many other reality television shows, Duck Dynasty does not portray reality. The rugged, heavily-bearded men of Duck Dynasty were clean-cut yuppies shortly before the show began. Situations are set up to make the show more interesting. Although the show is entertaining to many, it is the dishonesty that makes it a bad show.

  • No, Duck Dynasty is not a bad show.

    Although the merits of any television program rest in the eyes and ears of individual viewers, on balance, Duck Dynasty must be considered a good show. Duck Dynasty represents one of the consistently highest rated programs in the reality show genre. In addition, in the aftermath of controversial statements made by one of the cast members of the show, public support for the program was strong and widespread.

  • No, it's a harmless show

    I don't think Duck Dynasty is a great world-changing show, but it's also not a bad show. I think it's a fun program for people who want to watch a little bit of mindless TV. Some find it entertaining, and those who don't like it can easily ignore it and watch something else.

  • Duck Dynasty is not a bad television.

    Although recent comments made by one of the Duck Dynasty family members have brought the show under scrutiny. The fact remains that it is a show that many find entertaining. Television viewers have the right to choose which shows they deem good or bad. So to dub Duck Dynasty as a bad show because one disagrees with the comments of one of the cast members is unfair.

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