• Family Values, Good Humor, Wholesome

    Duck Dynasty gives a picture of a family who believes in God, shows what true men and women should be, what strong marriage, children, and grandchildren should be, and has a wonderful work ethic and good humor to go along with it. In our current society of so many fractured families this is fresh water to a world dying of thirst. May more shows like this increase all over!

  • One of the few PG shows that is actually entertaining

    Definitely does not fit into Americas current trend (sex crazed). Its something like the Kardashians, only it's a down to earth family of hunters with a sense of humor running a duck/deer call business and showing you what their life is like. When one of my family members showed me an episode, I was hooked. It's a funny and happy family show that's sure to be on your "like" list! :)

  • Wholesome, humorous and teaches good values.

    For the first time, there is a decent reality TV show teaching positive family values instead of partying, violence or indecency, and people attack it just because they pray. I'm not a Christian, and I love the show! If someone doesn't like it, all they have to do is change the channel. We live in the country, and we hunt and fish, and teach our children to do the same. Culture shock: there are millions of people who don't live in cities where this lifestyle is natural. That doesn't make us ignorant or disgusting.

  • OH HECK YEAH!!!!!!!

    It makes me laugh until i cry and every one needs good laugh so hell yeah it is the best show on the TV now it better than all the other newer hows that are on TV now so shut up to everyone who said no! I loooooooooveeeeee this show!

  • Absolutely a great show

    Incredible show...The personalities and the sincerity behind their values. Jase's talking heads are inspired, even Willie, who I see as the weak link, can laugh at himself. Close family bonds, strong marriages, respectful kids...The family is great. Aside from Willie, none seem impressed with all their money, they just appear to be all around good folk.

  • Its a good show.

    Ok, so personally I think it is stupid, but my boyfriend and sister both love it. They think it is the funniest show ever made in the 2000's. A family becomes rich from making duck products. Primarily a duck caller. They are really a family that came from rags to riches. Silly, but a pretty good show. (even though I think its stupid.)

  • yes it is

    It is a scripted show but its a hilarious show. Si robertson is the funniest person earth. The show has so many funny scenes and the entire show is funny. There are almost no scenes that are not funny. The people in the show are also conservatives so any liberals planning on watching the show will probably run away crying because they all shoot guns and speak the truth

  • Yes, of course

    Duck Dynasty is a freaking awesome show. There are so few shows that adults can enjoy with small children in the room. This is one of them. These guys are 100% real. This show is the only show that I've ever seen that shows Christian values well. Duck Dynasty has been my favorite show for quite a while.

  • Happy happy happy

    Happy is right! This show is great for people who can now sit down with their family and watch a show that their children can watch. Most shows you cant even watch with your kids because there to adult like. Its a great show for teens because it can teach them about manners and respect. And GOD!!!

  • Great show. Probably my favorite one to date.

    I for one don't understand all of the "facts" people come up with just to hate this show. I for one, being Christian, southern baptist to be correct, find this show a lot better than shows like honey boo boo or any of the other live shows out there. "But they glorify killing animals!" Well, where do you think the ground beef bought from the store comes from, or the chicken nuggets from that fast food resturaunt? Those as well come from animals. They are killing animals for that same reason: FOR FOOD. If you want to argue how the show is "the worst show ever" at least make valid points or you're not worth my time.

  • It is a dumb show that confirms that Americans will watch anything.

    Most Americans are just plain uneducated morons that love trashy stupid shows like this because they don't have to think too much.

    I mean in one show, they are picking up berries that fell on ground, and one guy doesn't know the difference between a berry and a possum turd and eats one; and, the rest of the hicks make fun of him. I was channel surfing and saw this nonsense; I will never watch it again.

    How can that be entertainment? It can be for educated folks; but the uneducated trash that watches shows like this, are amused. That is why the uneducated masses will never amount to anything; they are just the stupid dregs of our society.

  • This show is Stupid

    I do not get why people are so excited about this show. I couldn't even make it through one episode. Makes Christians and gun owners look like idiots. These types of shows clearly demonstrate the lack of intelligence of their viewers. Not having had TV in close to a decade, I did not realize how dumbed down our culture has gotten.

  • Adult version of Honey Boo Boo

    Just as stupid as Honey Boo Boo. Only interested in fame and fortune. Who would want to kiss these guys? Do they really eat all the animals they kill? If not, they shouldn't be killing them. If this is what America likes we are in trouble. Oh wait, I already knew that. Watch something decent people.

  • Too Much Stupidity

    Personally I can't stand the stupidity on the show and only watched 2 episodes early on before I decided that it was something I didn't find interesting or entertaining. However, the show is obviously popular with many people and their duck calls sales have improved because of it. I've been a duck hunter for over 50 years, I don't use their products and besides being over-priced I wouldn't buy any of them based on my opinion of their stupid show.

  • A Testament Why The Rest Of The World Laughs At Americans

    I'm stunned that Americans aren't even embarrassed by how stupid this show makes them look. It isn't enough that American school children score FAR below the rest of the world in mathematics, the sciences, and even history -- they have a program such as this to glory in their ignorance. I suppose that it distracts them while their net worth turns to ashes, their healthcare system is for those with insurance, their justice system is for the wealthy, their decent jobs are shipped overseas or given to immigrants who -- shockingly -- studied in school, and their economy is being hijacked by the Chinese.

    Think I'm exaggerating? Ask one hundred Americans what the Second Amendment to the Constitution covers, and most will answer, in some garbled form or other, '....The right to arm bears', or something.

    But ask one hundred Americans what five rights the FIRST Amendment insures, and watch them stumble and sweat. (For those of you Duck Dynasty fans or those with typical American education, they are; freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of religion, and redress of grievance against the government. Please try to remember them.)

    How much intelligence does it take to kill a fowl with a brain the size of a bean?

  • I am a Christian and they are not portraying Christian values.

    Si - lies, cheats, and steals. Jase is self-absorbed and selfish. Wiilie is greedy. Phil schemes to get what he wants. Simply praying at the end of every show does not make one a Christian or does not portray Christian values. They are doing more harm than good for all true Christians.

  • Designed By And For Room Temperature I.Q.s

    An ideal show for those whose retirement plans involve scratch-off lottery tickets. Reassuring for those mouth-breathers that long to give the world 'the finger'.

    Maybe they'll do it the same way that this group of inbred 'Deliverance' stand-ins did; send one of their marginally brighter larva to college to learn marketing, and sell Idiot America on what is essentially a licensed character instead of a product. But the odds of that are about the same as hitting the Powerball drawing; smaller, far smaller than being elected President, (although George W. Bush makes the Duck knuckle-draggers look like Rhodes Scholars).

    I suppose my basic problem might be rooted in the loss of revenue of the lottery, as the audience spends their hard-earned dollars on Duck Dynasty crap. While I'm the first to agree that a large pat of Lottery revenue is going for worthless projects (and lining some political pockets), at least some trickles through for worthwhile projects.

    And I can't blame either A&E or the Quacks -- as long as the left side of the curve is willing to give them their food and rent money, who am I to disagree? It's The American Dream!

  • Not stupid enough to watch

    As the show has gotten more popular I have tried to view it a few times but its so dumb and scripted I can`t get through 5 minutes of it . As they say you can not fix sttupid and there is no way known to man to fix this stupid show .

  • It's really dumb

    Duck dynasty is pathetic and fake. It not funny and I can't believe that people like watching it. In this one episode I saw they were picketing in front of their own company! Can you say fake? I do not wish any one to waste their time watching this garbage!

  • Not teaching good family values like some ppl are saying!

    Some ppl like this crap and say its a good wholesome family show that teaches family values. Greed is not a good quality and certainly not good wholesome family values and morals. I agree that it is one of the few shows that my children could watch if they chose to because there isn't a bunch of sex and cursing in it, but it is boring, scripted, and stupid!

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evchrny says2014-04-04T13:22:33.580
Makes Christians and gun owners look foolish and unintelligent. These types of shows clearly demonstrate the lack of intelligence of their viewers. In one show, they are picking up berries that fell on ground, one guy doesn't know the difference between a berry and a possum turd eats one; the rest of the hicks make fun of him. I'm guessing they probably think farts are funny to.