• Yes it is.

    The older man named Phil almost constantly in every episode makes a reference to sex. Also his wife talks about it frequently as well. It is disghusting how they speak about it I'll quote an episode "The Only wrestlin' I do is with yo mama son."-Phil when they challenged him to some wrestling event. I think this show is pretty bad already but this guy Phil makes it even worse.

  • No it's not

    Well, it didn't submit the first time so I'm gonna summarize what I had said.
    *Many elderly people (especially rednecks) don't find it awkward to talk about those things. It's a natural thing of life and that is how they grew up. He's not trying to be perverted, he's just being completely honest on how he feels
    *You will see this in the way that Jase, Willie, and Jep often react to him mentioning it. They find it awkward, just like many of this generation do. It's not a perverted show. When you watch a show with rednecks, you aren't gonna find proper city manners. You are going to find what they have lived with for their entire lives.

  • Not in the Slightest

    So what they talk about sex. Everything now a days talks about it. TV, music, video games, even teachers are. Sure every once and a while their is a reference but it's nothing compared to what kids hear at school, or on the radio. And before anyone bad mouths new music about being bad, go back through your music and listen to the lyrics. Your music swears just as much as the new generations does.

  • Sex is part of life. Awkward to talk about, perhaps, but natural.

    If you call this perverted then you should look at all the sexual references made in a multiplicity of songs, movies, and educational classes. If Duck Dynasty is perverted, then most other things are. Not sure if you know this, but Phil and Miss Kay are married. Also, you have the right to choose whether to watch it or not. No one is forcing you.

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