• Yes they are

    Duke is definitely on the up swing in college football. If they are not already there, they will be the next "It" team. They have a great coach that is doing great things in Durham. It's pretty amazing how far they have already come in just a few years. I only see more good things to come.

  • Duke has the best chance of success over the next 5 years

    Many college basketball critics have positioned the Duke Blue Devils first in the list of team with the best chance of success over the next 5 years. These critics argue that this program has never been in better shape, largely thanks to its acclaimed coach, Mike Krzyzewski. For this reason, I would agree that they are going to be the next "It" team.

  • Duke will be hard to beat in the coming years

    With a coach like Coach K, Duke is never far from being great. Add to it that he has an uncanny ability to draw talent to Duke and the amount of starters returning, and Duke can easily be called the next "It" team. Their success will lie with how quickly Coach K can develop new freshman and how Kentucky fares in the coming years, because Kentucky poses the greatest threat to Duke and seems to be realistically the only other team that could be classified as the next "It" team.

  • Duke is going to die down

    Duke has been on the media a lot recently because of the controversy it is facing. They have a good team and because of this controversy, it is affecting the players and the university as a whole. But i dont think it is going to be the next it team as with any other controversy, this will die down and people will forget about it.

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