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  • Duke will defiantly win The Champioinship

    Duke has a very young group of players who are still maturing. Harry Giles is still working his way back to playing at a high level. If he even plays close to how he played his junior year of high school Duke will be in the national championship game in April.

  • Yes, I think they have great potential.

    Though Duke's men's basketball team seems to be a crossroads at this point in the season, I think they definitely have a shot at winning the tournament. The Blue Devils are a great team, and despite some of their recent challenges, I think they are definitely capable of coming together for a win.

  • Too soon to tell

    It's much too soon to tell who is going to win this year. A lot of high-ranked teams have lost their place, and some to unranked teams. It's always a nail-biter until the very end, being very hard to predict. Duke has a good shot at winning it all, but so do some other teams.

  • Maybe they might

    Duke is perennially a participant, and they seem to be having some team issues now, so that might affect how they handle the tournament, and even if they qualify. The were some pretty high pre-season expectations, but the team isn't living up to them. It's rumored that Coach K has recently banned his team from the locker room and from wearing Duke apparel, til they get back on track.

  • No, Duke's men's basketball team is not going to win the tournament.

    No, Duke's men's basketball team is not going to win the tournament. They probably will be eliminated in the first or second round. Coach K has made it clear that he is not impressed with his own team, and they will lose many more games. They are not a championship team.

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