• Dungeons and Dragons a Blast

    Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is fun as it promotes creativity and enjoying the spending of time with one's friends. Dungeons and Dragons invites its players to improvise their actions and think abstractly, which many view as being fun. In addition, it promotes the spending of time with one's friends, and most people consider that to be a fun activity.

  • Its completely obvious

    I've played D&D science I was 4, I started with second addition and I've never given up on it yet (note I'm 17 and still play D&D). I've been a DM (dungeon master (the one who tells the story) at school for the past three years. I spent at least three hours a day on building on my work and I've built a world that is so massive that in the past three years our group has only explored about 1/100 of the world that I built. I build upon that world every day and I'm now making another dimension because I built too many things and cant fit them all on one map, I'm currently on my 7th major map 3 of which are zoomed in areas and thats not counting all the cities I have found and built.

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