• Yes, dyslexia is a real medical condition.

    If someone is dyslexic, s/he sees letters incorrectly; for example, a p might be a d, or a q. There are some who argue that dyslexia is the result of poor teaching, but if this were so, wouldn't this imply that all students with the same teacher would then have the same problem with reading? Since that isn't the case, I do believe it's a medical condition, but also that people who have it can work diligently to become better readers.

  • Yes, of course.

    Yes, dyslexia is definitely a real medical condition. My brother suffers from a form of dyslexia known as dysgraphia that makes it difficult for him to write words and comprehend what he is reading. There are thousands of documented cases of people with dyslexia who have a difficult time learning and reading because of it.

  • Dyslexia is LEGIT

    Even though I am sure some may disagree with my opinion, I do think dyslexia is a real and legit medical condition, just like ADD, for example. I truly believe people who have legit problems learning and comprehending, could mean they have a real medical condition and need proper treatment.

  • Yes it is.

    Dyslexia is a real medical condition. It inhibits the person who has dyslexia from learning as well as other people who do not have it. It is something that went wrong in their brain, which is something that can, and has been proven so of course it is a real medical condition.

  • Dyslexia Is Real

    I believe that dyslexia is a real medical condition and I believe people can experience it on varying different levels. I'm sure it is very difficult for people who experience particularly bad cases of it, but I know for my son, who only struggles with b's and d's, it is incredible frustrating.

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