• Necessary for a competent, Functioning society

    Education of the masses is needed not just for society to advance, But for it to simply function as a whole. While I agree that excessive early education and pressures in the early developmental years of children can be detrimental (especially because I myself had experienced this), Getting rid of it instead of simply modifying it appropriately can be equally detrimental, If not more. Preliminary childhood education has been proven to develop children's critical thinking, Social, Emotional, And collaborative skills that are needed as a groundwork for not only a successful education, But also a productive member of society (nu. Edu). Removing this early educational period would also start preliminary education later on, And therefore lessen the amount one one has learned by the end of their education, Assuming that they would stop at around the same time. Most modern-day jobs require extensive education, And even the ones that don't can benefit greatly by it. In addition, It has been found that a lack of education often leads to crime (eml. Berkley. Edu) and poverty (rbj. Net). While you are not incorrect that there are a few detriments to the current system of early education, The practice itself is vital for a competent, Functioning society.

  • I object to early education.

    Excessive early education has a detrimental effect on children's physical and mental health. Stress caused by academic pressures can cause symptoms such as depression and attachment disorders. In addition, Early foreign language education in situations where one cannot fully speak one's native language can cause children's verbal confusion and, In severe cases, Even speech disorders. Therefore, I am against early education of children because of these reasons and more problems that I have not already said.

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