Is East Asian Education the main cause of the erosion of creativity in many students?

Asked by: sawflub
  • Yes of course

    In east Asian countries students are taught to handle only pressure. But they lose their creativity because all they know is to by heart the textbooks and write the same thing in the paper. We no how to learn physics or chemistry concepts but we don't know how to creatively apply them in daily life. More over it is not only corroding creativity but also increasing the competition among students. This competition is not only forcing the students to learn everything but also affecting the health of the students. In the western countries the education system is not as strict as in the east.

  • Historical evidences claim otherwise...

    East Asia produce one of the most creative minds of the century and that's the direct product of their education system and human resources development. Many of those had been incorporated in to American model of HR program which certainly proved its effectiveness.

    Example of those including the Japanese Just-in-time production system, Mao variation of European communism and tactic, the first ever application of CVG in war etc...

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