• Wearing Fur Is OK

    Just as much as eating is necessary, so is clothing. Just as much as eating can be tasteful, so is clothing. There is nothing wrong with using what animals have to offer. "Animal rights" activists might beg to differ, but then animal rights activists don't know what it is to get their hands dirty to actually make a living. Even Native Americans wore animal skins, but they didn't live luxurious lives either. Perhaps if animal rights activists had to live in the woods and gave up their glamorous appearances, they would be more appreciative.

  • Sure I'd say so.

    Eating and wearing an animal are similar. For one, they fulfill basic human needs, food and clothing. Also, eating and wearing the animal end up killing the animal, unless your wear the animal while it's alive of course. Because of that, I'd say they are pretty much the same thing.

  • What's the difference?

    While man may have had to resort to hunting at the advent of civilization, we do not need to hunt or rear animals to end up in the abattoir now to sustain ourselves. Science and technology have progressed tremendously, and we have conquered the planet in many ways. We do not need to raise animals under some of the most horrifying and appalling conditions to sustain our craze for meat. I've been vegetarian for 30+ years, and have no problem in living a normal life. I simply detest those who crave for meat to satisfy their desires of the stomach. That is the most pathetic thing one could think of. We should not be a slave to our body.

  • Dude... Its just wrong.

    Wearing animal fur is terrible. Food is much more important than fur clothing. Animals are becoming endangered because of their fur. What if someone tied you up and killed you then carved your skin off and wrapped themselves in it? Or made your skin into a nice blanket? Or rug? Would you be ok with it? Animals are living creatures also.

  • Of course not !

    I think wearing an animal is a CRIME.
    While eating one, it is different. Animals eat themselfs too, it's the circle of life. But it's the way that we kill animals that bothers me or most vegetarians, I think. But wearing fur, I hate everyone who does that and says : '' It wasn't me who killed the animal.'' Well, you know what ? Shame on you!

  • Wearing fur is ok but it's not neccesary

    People in cold climates definently need fur however there is no reason for celebrities to. Eating meat is vital for survival and it's just a natural instinct since we are omnivores wearing fur for fashion is not a naturally instinct. However for the people who do wear fur it's probably the same to them as eating meat. I'm not against people who wear fur and some fur farms treat the animals humanely but most don't you wouldn't want to be wearing the skin of an animal that was skinned alive and tortured in china? Would you? It's only for fashion which is cruel. It's ok to get fur from places where they treat the animals HUMANELY.

  • Eating an animal is not the same as wearing one.

    I think eating animals is more accepted than wearing one mainly because wearing an animal is not necessary. People only wear animals to look rich or like a celebrity but people eat animals to survive. I personally have no problem with people who wear furs, but I would never do it.

  • Meat Is Sustenance, So No

    There is a difference between eating meat and wearing fur. A lot of people need a source of protein to survive on a day to day basis. A lot of the animals slaughtered for fur are just wasted. So, there is no way to really compare the two at all.

    Posted by: rpr

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