• It is worth the risk

    It gives off a sweet taste in your mouth. If OVER 9000!!! People get all diseases possible from eating candy, then oh well. That's because they didn't eat it right. And so what if peoples teeth could possibly fall out, that's also because they didn't eat it right. STOP TRYING TO SAY THAT CANDY IS BAD FOR YOU JUST BECAUSE KIDS ARE BITING IT TOO HARD... JUST EAT IT!!!!!!!

  • Yes, it is worth the Health Risks

    IF you were to merely stop eating something for pleasure because of its health risks, then you would have to stop consuming alcohol and caffeine. Both of which have been proven to come with different health risks. The point of whether or not to eat something is to run a cost benefit analyses of the health risks based on the amount of pleasure you will receive. To much can be bad.

  • Yes, it is worth it.

    Candy and other sweets can help make people happy. Isn't all we want in life to live it out happily? The health risk may be major to some, but to some people it's worth a little risk to have a little joy. As long as they don't over-do it, it should be fine with minimal risk.

  • Eating Sweets in Moderation is Fine

    Overeating sweets is candy is not good for your health. However they are very tasty. Eating sweets in moderation is worth the health risks for the joy it will bring your life. So long as you cna control your consumption, have a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream every once and a while.

  • Yes, eating candy and sweets are worth the health risks.

    I think that as long as people eat candy and sweets in moderation, there is nothing wrong with it. People need to be able to take care of themselves regardless of what they eat. If they eat sweets and candy, they should also make to eat healthier foods as well and exercise.

  • You Are Better Than Your Urges

    Indulge, When you've earned it. Absolutely.

    But if you're like me, And you just keep eyeing that one last sweet in the cupboard or you can't stop thinking about that one sweet or whatever, Don't. GIVE. IN. You're capable of it, And when you see that you had the strength to overcome that urge you'll feel the pride, And maybe even realize what a tough bitch you are.

    You're way more than that stupid sweet, And your precious body is gonna be a lot better off without it. Plus, A kickass person like you deserves a hot body to go along with that personality, Right? (Yup)

    Put it away. You're sweet enough already.

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  • No, the taste of eating candy is not worth the long term health risks it causes.

    It can cause tons of diseases and other health problems. Examples of these are cirrhosis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. So , would you rather have a momentary delight, and a lot of health issues that can harm you for life, of be healthy and still have a little candy? To wrap up my opinion, it should be balanced. Not too much !

  • No its not

    No, it is not worth all of the health risks to eat different candy and sweets, unless you have a very strict exercise program that you follow all the time. These foods will quickly make you obese, and then you will have a wide variety of different health factors follow.

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