• Eating an animal means killing it

    By definition, yes. But they are delicious, and an excellent source of protein.

    Without eating meat, we would not likely have developed our higher brain functions. So, while it definitely is hurtful to the animal to kill and eat it, it is to our benefit. Technically, we could make the same argument for even harvesting fruit and vegetables. Technically, it is tearing off their body parts for our own good.

    Circle of life, though. If we don't eat, we die.

  • It is harmful to eat animals

    It is simply not humane! We are literally killing animals to eat when we could just eat grains and vegetables. Not fair! Why should we kill animals to eat a big mac. I understand some people have no choice but we have a total choice! Don't eat meat! It also causes cancer.

  • What is this even asking?!

    Of course eating meat is harmful to animals! In order to get meat from an animal, said animal has to die. Dying is pretty harmful. Now your REAL question should be "Is eating meat morally wrong?" The answer to this is no, it's not. Humans are omnivores; we can tell this by having both sharp canine teeth for tearing meat and flat molars used for crushing vegetables. The current suggested protein intake is around 12% of your daily food consumption.

  • I don't think so

    And no McDonald's is not food so it don't count. Eating meat ain't wickedness. Humans we're naturally carnovores. We usually kill the food and then prepare it for deliciousness. There's no wickedness in that. It's not a sin to eat animals. Maybe our ways of killing animals may not be the most humane, but it's not intentional ever.

  • Not Bad, Except for the Way We Kill Them

    I do not believe eating meat is hurtful to animals. Us humans were made to eat meat and, not only that, if we did not eat any animals, we would probably be overpopulated. If someone argues with this point and says, "How about euthanasia instead of killing them?", I would reply with this statement: "If we do that, then we are wasting our time. We could use that meat for those who are starving right now and for the benefit of our health - meat has protein, which is important. Not only that, but if we just euthanized them all and kept their carcasses everywhere, the Earth would stink of their rotting bodies." These points all come into play. The only real problem is the way in which we kill them. Instead of just immediately killing them with a gun, which is quick, we decide to kill them slowly. I do NOT agree with this.

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