• They died to feed your fat ass

    These animal are feed plain fat then "humanely" killed and packed up to be fed to feed your fat ass! If a chick that was suppose to be an egg hatched it will be grinned up alive. Animals don't have a happy life, they live in the fear of death and pain. Meat also has a high fat count and has high carbs too. If people stopped eating meat it could lower the obesity rate in the USA

  • Better debate question: should we change the way we eat meat... Less and more animal friendly?

    To this question, all the arguments have been given on both sides. Although saying that God gave us the animals to eat isn't really an argument, but an appeal to authority (and an invisible one, which makes it even harder to support).

    Less meat means better environmental quality, more animal friendly would be something I'm hoping the animals will do to us once they take over in the future :)

  • In some cases, yes.

    Studies show that eating meat contributes to global warming because of increased methane and carbon production. The global meat industry contributes a whopping 20% to global warming because the livestock need additional land to graze on. This would require the bulldozing of additional forests and ecosystems for the farm animals, which contributes to supplemental CO2 production. Meat also raises the risk of several digestive cancers. Animal fat has also been shown to increase the risk of prostate cancer and Colon Cancer.

    I'm not a big animal rights advocate, but one could also make the argument that it harms animals in the process.

  • The resources we have in this Era humans should eat meat.

    YES,fruits and vegetables are a primarily source of food. Animal's meat is secondary. Humans do not need to eat meat to survive.Some of the reasons people eating meat for a source of protein. Yet, there is a variety of vegetables that is a good source of protien. Eating to much meat can be a bad thing for humans health.

  • God gave us animals to eat

    Therefore we should eat animals. It is not wrong to eat meat because the animals that we eat were put on this earth to be eaten not to be taken in as a pet. Dogs, horses, cats hamsters, ect...Should not be eaten, but cows, deer, elk, buffalo, ect... Should be eaten without guilt.

  • It's not wrong

    Who cares about cows, pigs, and chickens. They're stupid anyway. All animals that are stupid and don't contribute to anything like to the environment or society don't have a purpose in this world except food .
    To all you vegetarians out there, do you think eating plants is wrong?
    Plants are a life form just like animals. Besides, meat is delicious.

  • Oh hell no

    In my opinion meat is one of the only types of food that should be consumed by a person. Meat provides happiness to the heart and soul. When you eat a cheeseburger dont put vegetables on it because vegetables are horrible. If your a vegetarian then you should re consider your life

  • The bible says that we humans have dominion over the animals`

    So its not wrong, but the way we kill them is, we can eat meat (not pork), but meat all we want, but the way we kill them in herds is disgusting! Even if we have the dominion card, that doesn't give us the right to kill them like they aren't worth anything.

  • Of course not!

    Humans are natural carnivores, as evident by our canine teeth and the fact that our eyes are looking straight forward! Eating meat is crucial for all of the necessary proteins and other health benefits. There are no such thing as vegetarian bears or lions because it is the natural order. Something can be said for the treatment of animals, but the eating of animals is not immoral.

  • Eating meat is not wrong.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating meat. It's a big part of our diet and provides many health benefits. Just like any other animal, we are meant to strive off of the land and the whatever is on it. We are a part of the food chain.

    Now, I think that the treatment of animals in certain places is definitely questionable. Animals should not be brutally slaughtered, fed unwholesome food, or be out in harsh conditions.

    But what many vegetarians/vegans don't realize is that by not eating animal products, you're not stopping the slaughtering of animals. Stop with your ignorance and actually DO something for animals because not eating meat will not do a single thing. People will continue to eat meat, pigs will still be killed, and you will still be oblivious.

  • NO How is it wrong

    Eating meat is not wrong, it's the killing animals that's wrong! Eating meat gives us the muscle and energy we need that other foods can't really give us! In the "perfect diet" there is a balance of all food. So meat is very important to the human body! Also, you may argue eating veggies are also wrong as eating meat, as you are killing poor vegetables and/or trees. Thus we may not eat anything that was alive, based on your logic. Which means we can only eat genetically processed food.

  • Of course it's not wrong!

    We are predators, and that's what we do! That is nature, lions do that every day. To some people it seems wrong to kill, but it is ok if you need to survive. It looks wrong to spoiled human people, they haven't faced real life, they don't know what it is to be hungry! Every vegetarianism is bestiality.

  • What is wrong?

    You know what happens when you try to free a domestic animal? It dies. Plan and simple. I dont get why this question keeps showing up. Many of these animal would not likely survive outside of a domestic situation. There as a barn fire in my area a while back. When the fire crews attempted to remove the animals from the burning building, many of them tried to return to the burning building. I can tell you, slaughtering all those animals because they are no longer needed is wrong.

  • Omnivores eat meat, among other things.

    Just as omnivorous animals eat meat we too eat meat. Vegans require certain minerals and neutrians that aren't present in the plant kingdom in sufficient quantities meaning that either vegan meals become extremely complex or incredible stale to fight the shortage. There is nothing wrong being vegan, but it isn't fit for everyone and it isn't wrong.

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