• Wheat is genetically altered.

    Our whole lives we've been force-fed the whole "healthy grains" sham, and now it's fact. Until you closely examine it's effects. Yes, wheat has been a staple food for hundreds of years. However, wheat is now genetically altered into dwarf wheat, not at all the same kind as the wheat eaten by our ancestors. Dr. Davis has written a book titled Wheat Belly that goes more into detail.

  • No, eating wheat is not bad for you.

    I do not think that eating wheat is bad for you. I think that it can actually be healthy for a person who is trying to eat a healthy diet or on a fitness program. Foods that are wheat based can be low in calories and have a high fiber content.

  • There is nothing bad about wheat.

    There is no real evidence from a credible scientific source that I can find, which would suggest that eating wheat is bad for you. It's a basic food staple that is used almost everywhere in the world. If it were truly toxic, I think we would have known that a few thousand years ago.

  • Eating wheat is not bad for you

    Eating wheat is not bad for you. This is because of the fact that human beings have consumed wheat for most of their existence. Wheat is a staple food and provides fiber, protein, and micronutrients that allow people to survive. Wheat being bad for you is just a belief developed by fad dieting.

  • No, not in general.

    I do not think the consumption of wheat is bad for people. I think that some people have wheat allergies and should stay away from it, but for most of us, it is an easy and inexpensive way to get nutrients and calories. Especially in the poorer areas of the world.

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