Is eco-tourism a sustainable model for the environment?

  • Eco tourism is sustainable!

    It caters for the indigenous people and holidaymakers, so both can live in harmony. Low impact facilities are made to support all needs as I will reiterate, and it also is good for Borneo's rainforest's, as they are icon, and lots of people work to preserve them, so if tourists do come, the rainforest's will be good condition.

  • Eco-tourism is a sustainable model unless it is monitored by reliable and professional organisations

    Eco-tourism should cater to the best interest of animals, while creating environmental awareness, it can be a positive industry.
    Money earned in eco-industries should be spent on maintaining a natural habitat for species. If the income is spent on commercial industries, no good is done for these animals any more.

  • Necessity to keep animals from becoming extinct?

    Although I do not like the idea of eco-tourism I do think the advantages might be twofold. On the one hand we are able to learn more about animals and their habits. On the other hand people will be more interested and therefore more inclined to help animals they are able to see for themselves in nature. Both of which could very well result into saving animals from extinction.

  • Eco-tourism is Good

    Eco-tourism is a good thing. It gives people a real view of the environment. And anyway, nature is not affected if you just look at it, right? People get an idea of how life is in the wild, and they can show more gratitude to what they have. Therefore, eco-tourism is good.

  • Ecotuorism is a good way to help protect the environment and create local sustainability

    Ecotourism is sustainable as it creates jobs for local people in the area, as well as bringing in more money for the local town. Therefore people wont have to worry about the environment being harmed or them being short of money or needing to look for a new job.

  • Eco-tourism is a sustainable model for the environment

    Eco tourism is a sustainable model for the environemtn because with out ecological sustainability the environment would not be the same. Eco tourism is a responsable way to look after the environemnt and it is a sustainable model, because it proides many jobs and money, while still managing to protect the environment.

  • If it was not sustainable then why are there Ecotourism Holidays?

    I think it is sustainable because the amount of Ecotourism holidays that help preserve nature and keep in mind the culture of local people. There are many arguments but ecotourism provide help and there are many support sites and resorts that are able to help nature. If it wasn't sustainable, then why is there ecotourism holidays?

  • Eco-tourism is a great way to help the environment and protect it.

    Although eco-tourism is expensive and only a few at the moment can afford it, it is a sustainable way to help keep the environment safe and undamaged from tourists. It lets tourists see the world and its natural beauty/landscapes without destroying it. More people need to understand what eco-tourism is and how it works so everyone can enjoy OUR planet earth.

  • Eco-Tourism is a great model for the environment, and has been a recent trend in many communities.

    The less of an impact humans can have to preserve the environment, the better. Hopefully, it is a trend that lasts in tourism. It has been the trend in many communities, with the catch phrase of "leave behind only footprints, take only pictures". The less garbage we release, the better, and being eco-friendly with tourism is a great idea.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Eco-tourism can be sustainable, because now people really care about being green.

    Many people have really taken the concept of "going green" to heart, and this will help eco-tourism be a realistic model for the world. By starting small in their own daily lives, by recycling, making less trash, and not abusing natural resources, people have become more conscientious. This will make them more willing and able to enforce eco-tourism.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • Better but not sustainable

    Although ecotourism may promote positive ideas, The reality is that ecotourism still leaves a carbon footprint and still impacts wildlife. Ecotourism will not be "good" or "sustainable" unitl it is entirely carbon-neutral. We are NOT benefitting the environment by taking planes, Trains, Buses, And cars across the globe to view untouched wilderness. Burning fossil fuels to get to a destination does not help the Earth at all. Although good intentions are meant, There is no direct benefit of ecotourism. There is no "improvement" done to the environment.

  • Eco tourism is not a right.

    Times have changed. 150 years ago, only the extremely wealthy could afford to go on safari. Nowadays, cheaper flights and hotel packages make it possible for huge numbers of humans to encroach on areas and animals that are teetering on endangered lists. Our greedy curiosity, thirst for adventure and need to boast about exotic experiences has taken a toll on the environment. For example, the Great Barrier reef is full of foot and hand prints. Once coral is touched it cannot come back. The sky is polluted by the thousands of daily flights across our skies. It is not our right to travel, it is a privilege. If you are truly concerned for the environment, stay closer to home. The earth cannot take it.

  • Ecotourism: A severe threat to the environment

    Man has led havoc everywhere. In the name of ecotourism, we are exploiting nature. In reality it is commercialisation of tourism schemes that are disguised as eco-friendly tourism.
    Now a days, rather than accumulating wealth, people crave for vivid experiences. People like to explore different places. So increase in tourism means constuction of roads, hotels, airports etc. These developments would pose a potential hazard to the already fragile environment. Moreover, I would like to ask that if it is controlled tourism, then how can we generate sufficient money for its own maintainence? Nature has to take its own course to flourish. Any intereference by man will only reverse the restoration process.

  • Eco-tourism is a great initiative, but it is not a sustainable solution because changing behavior of a few rich people, who are able to afford occasional international travel to ecological sites, is not a sustainable way to make long-term change happen.

    Many people have learned valuable things about the earth and natural habitats through eco-tourism, and they have also helped environmental projects in that way. However, changing behavior of a few rich people, who are able to afford occasional international travel to ecological sites, is not a sustainable way to make long-term change happen. People at all economic levels need to be motivated to change ordinary daily behaviors for a solution to our environmental problems to be widespread and sustainable.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • You need more than eco-tourism to help the environment.

    Eco-tourism, although it allows for many to see the world as a beautiful landscape, is not enough to teach respect for the environment in which we live. If eco-tourism also taught the dos and don'ts to keep this landscape safe, then it may be able to sustain the landscape which we love for years to come.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • It poses potential hazards to already fragile landscapes.

    Standards for eco-tourism traveling are not met and the environment is damaged from this negligence. The amount of money made by eco tourism is not sufficient enough to outweigh these downfalls.

    Posted by: tabefra
  • Eco-tourism could result in damaging the environments that tourists visit.

    Eco-tourism is a relatively new concept. People who are interested in the natural environment go to visit isolated and unspoiled places. But if eco-tourism becomes more popular, and more people visit places like Antarctica or the jungles of Costa Rica, those places will be affected by the presence of the people there. Eco-tourism is only sustainable if it's very limited and if tourists are careful leave nothing behind.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • Eco-tourism is not a sustainable model for the environment, because human intervention is inevitable.

    Eco-tourism is not a sustainable model for the environment. The environment will be changed simply through the act of tourism, itself. Any type of tourism depends upon an infrastructure geared to a certain level of tourist comfort, food availability and fuel usage. Therefore, it is impossible to sustain a truly wild environment.

    Posted by: CarIoBIacken
  • eco-tourism only helps when there are tourists

    Eco-tourism can be a significant money source for areas with little other development, and thus bring in high income per capita in undeveloped regions. However, this has several severe limits. Tourists must be able to pay a premium to visit, essentially a luxury product. Then tourists must be willing to pay a premium to visit, something dependent upon marketing. Then tourists must be able to get to the destination, which is limited by travel costs, security, safety, and international laws. A civil war will kill eco-tourism for years, and a single tourist's murder kills the revenue for months. It is not wise to plan to save the local ecosystem based on so fickle an income source. It is better to seek eco-friendly development. This could be from finding a product with only a wild source, like some herbs. Or develop a way to live sustainably within the environment, like the rubber and jojoba oil farmers in Brazil that do not cut down trees like ranchers do. Eco-tourism has crashed due to the current economic crash. And if oil prices spike again, they will be unable to afford such luxury travel. Find other sustainable models for development, for long term benefit. But eco-tourism provides a means to preserve these places, it certainly can be one part of the larger plan.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Eco-tourism is not a sustainable model for the environment because it would not generate enough money for enough time.

    Eco-tourism is not a sustainable model for the environment because it would not generate enough money for enough time. Any little bit does help, but people have a short attention span and will probably soon move on to something else. There isn't enough money to be made as many people are going to prefer to spend their limited funds and time off on doing more traditional "fun" things.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader

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