Is ecofascism gaining popularity thanks to its propagation through social media?

  • Social Media Works

    If something, such as this topic, is ran across social media and illustrated as a good thing to follow, or a bad thing to follow, the public will believe what is said, since social media is such an important part of our lives today. Everyone is on social media and checks it daily.

  • Going green is the new fad.

    The green movement has become a huge hit in social media, and I must say that while I do not believe in man made global warming, I do not think this is a bad thing. If we can find a way to become more efficient with less pollution than I am all for it.

  • People will do whatever it takes.

    Yes, ecofascism is gaining popularity thanks to its propagation through social media, because people feed off each other and they are empowered. With ecofascism, people think they can take any means necessary to effect their cause, even if that means they have to impose their will on someone else by force. People think they can control others in the name of the environment.

  • Not Really Popular

    Ecofascism is a newer term that is suppose to describe environmentalism and fascism in a mixed fashion. I honestly don't see the connection to these two ideals and do not know why they would be pushed together. Some environmentalist are being more head strong in their views, but I don't think anyone is doing it in a fascist way.

  • It's the same as it ever was.

    Ecofascism? Oh, that term doesn't show any sort of bias at all, does it? And no, ecofascism isn't gaining in any sort of popularity thanks to social media. People remain as concerned as ever about the environment, and as apathetic as ever about actually doing something regarding it. We just know about it more than we once did because we're all wired up through the Internet.

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